It’s snowing again today. Like yesterday, but more steadily. A fine, dry snow that means business. None of the fat, wet flakes that are decorative, but frivolous — for snow. We had a veterinarian appointment today for Gibbs and Bonnie.


I looked out the window, realized I was not going to even try wrangling two Scotties into the car, then drive on slippery roads (they don’t plow this time of year; they let nature take its course) for an hour (usually half an hour; longer with ice and snow).

Especially since it’s not an emergency visit. It can wait a week.

weather map

It’s gotten cold out there. Yesterday felt like joke, not to be taken seriously. Temperature rose into the forties before the snow stopped falling. Essentially, it was all gone before nightfall.

Not today.

Today it has that grey, grim sky thing happening that say “I’m gonna get you, sucker!”

When I called the vet, I started by saying “I bet you won’t be surprised when I say I’d like to reschedule today’s appointments.”

“Not at all,” she said. She was laughing.

Weather report

“This is so wrong,” I said.

“I know,” she said. “It’s like Mother Nature felt that winter wasn’t bad enough, so she decided to give us a bit more, just so we didn’t feel cheated.”

A couple of days ago, my woods looked ready to bloom.

72-Almost Spring-Woods-Early-AM-030116_01

March 31, 2016
March 30, 2016
April 2, 2016

The forsythia were beginning to bloom.

Now … how about today and yesterday?




The Vernal Equinox came. You can’t argue with the Equinox. It happens and the earth literally shifts into the tilt towards warm weather. Polar Vortex, be gone! Your time has passed.


By next weekend, it will be over, finally and fully.

A week from today, the Red Sox will open their season at Fenway Park. Play ball!

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all plus a big helping of cynicism.


    1. And there I was thinking how lucky that it wasn’t opening day at Fenway. But this happens almost every year. They could schedule the early opening games in warm weather states. Too simple?


      1. I’ve read up on how MLB does its schedule, and it’s a lot harder than it looks due to all of the specific requests each team asks for. Every team wants more summer dates, more weekend dates, no grueling long road trips… there’s not much MLB can do to avoid the not-quite-summer yet April weather. When I went to Chicago 10 years ago in May for a ballgame, the temp was just a few degrees north of snow… instead, I sat in a freezing drizzle with wind chills in the 20’s. In Denver, it can snow right up through Memorial Day.

        This also irks me when baseball “purists” complain about how late the World Series is played now, and how that’s the cause of so many poor weather playoff games lately. Climatalogically speaking, early November isn’t all that different from mid October. Heck, some of the coldest games I’ve ever attended were in September when the regular season’s still going on! The real reason there are more bad weather postseason games now than in the olden days is….. duh, more night games now! It’s always going to be colder at 8 PM than it is at noon!


    2. Well, Squirrel, Our Sawx opened in the land of Bob Feller, Al Rosen and Larry Doby. Our boys of summer looked just fine in the February weather. Let’s call it a season and sip the wine of Big Papi celebration.


  1. With so many comments mentioning opening night ~ ~ ~ it’s opening night here too, and the beginning of Vin Scully’s last season announcing for the Dodgers (he’ll only do home games this year — age 88, and has called the games for longer than the Dodgers have been in So Cal!). We don’t get to see it on TV, because of a dispute between cable companies, so we may miss not only the baseball but also an excellent announcer!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Slmret, I’d round up an angry mob and storm the headquarters of your evil Cable company.
      It’s pure evil not to be able to hear Vin Scully. He is my IDOL and has been since ’51.
      I hope the MLB Channel gives us many Vin Scully games WITHOUT interruption from their wannabe yakkers.
      In sportscasting, there’s Vin Scully and then there’s everyone else.
      My bucket list includes meeting the poet laureate of beisbol.


      1. He’s starting to look a little frail, and is only calling home games. Maybe a letter now would get you a meeting during the winter next year (and a trip to California to escape the snow!).


  2. We had an incredible warm winter … only shoveled snow about 4 times. And it’s continued right into Spring. We always seem to be below the jet stream. And we keep waiting for the bubble to burst, but it’s just going … ??? Meanwhile, down East they’re getting hammered week after week.


  3. It’s seesaw season in So Cal! We have had summer weather for the last week or so, and it’s to be in the mid-80’s by mid week. Then on Thursday it will have a hard time making 70 on Thursday, and rain on Friday and through the weekend! I hope this doesn’t reach you in a week as much of our weather does!


  4. It would be nice if the weather would just make up its mind. I have had misty rain, sleet and snow in last hour. But it’s opening day for baseball, this always seems to bring snow.


          1. The problem is here in Cleveland, the opener has 42,000. The next six games will have a total of 42,000. The attendance is terrible until mid May. Sitting on plastic with wind coming off a lake in the thirties and forties degree range doesn’t happen much.


  5. bet I can make you feel better…

    it was twelve above this morning here, no wind, and a nice sturdy snow that, like yours, seemed to mean business. the sky is brightening up, but still. The buds on the apple trees are surely going to be nipped, and the crocuses (no jonquils yet, not up here) are looking surprised but not discouraged. Takes a lot to discourage those things.

    What we refer to as a ‘two stove day.’


    1. Yes, and I was just about to turn up the heat. Because I have it all the way down, we being hearty New Englanders and all, but I’m COLD. This better be the end of it. Sheesh. I am assuming that the lilies will soldier on. THEY are hardy. Not so sure about our daffodils, but I can hope. I think it’s probably not quite as cold on the ground as in the air. But gee whiz, we just can’t seem to catch a break around here!


  6. Mr. Swiss said today, we could still have snow in April. I am not very happy about that. At the moment we have nice warm sit outside temperatures and everyone is busy in the garden (except for us). that is some snow fall you have received, but I am sure in a week it will have been forgotten.


    1. We were in short sleeves and short pants just a few days ago. Thinking about planting some seeds since “the danger of frost is past.” Glad I didn’t! Apparently nature had something else in mind. I comfort myself — it will be back to spring in a week. It simply HAS to be. The calendar says so and it wouldn’t LIE to me, would it?


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