Black & White Sunday: Convergence

There’s a short story that goes with this picture.

It was January in Arizona. A beautiful day in the desert. We stopped to take some pictures of the distant mountains. I looked overhead and saw the wires stretching from horizon to horizon.

I wanted the convergence of the wires, but to get it, I had to shoot from underneath the wires. It was the only way to get that  perspective. Which meant a long walk.


I’m not an enthusiastic hiker these days, but I wanted this picture. So, I walked.

I’ve been trying to find a way to satisfactorily process this photograph ever since. I’ve tried many combinations of filters to make the wires stand out against the sky. I like this version the best so far. It’s surprisingly difficult to get the wires to display properly.

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  1. very successful processing. the wires stand out against the sky plus I like the sky itself and two layers of landscape – the dark one and the lighter one (mountains). nice image.


  2. Marilyn, I don’t know how many attempts you made but this one is perfect. No problem with the wires against the cloudy sky. Great job!


    • Thanks!! This is easily try number six or seven. I didn’t actually own the right filters until last month, so probably it’s the Topaz filters that turned the trick. That, and doing it in black & white.


  3. I don’t know what you did but it works for me.


  4. Single point perspective can be powerful when executed properly. I like what you did here. Nice.


  5. Excellent point, Marilyn. The shot I took for this challenge showed me that it is indeed difficult to achieve that wires stand up properly. I so appreciate your entry and am happy that you could do this walk and capture this stunning view for our enjoyment. Have a good week!


  6. Wow. This is an incredible picture, Marilyn. I think it is a new top of the list for me. Well worth the walk.


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