I feel honored to be chosen by Cee Neuner  to participate in the Seven Day Nature Challenge.

I am supposed to post a photo per day for seven days. The subject can be anything from the natural world. Each day I will try to nominate a new participant.  I’ll do the best I can with that, but if you would like to participate … especially if you are a nature photographer … please, contact me. I prefer to not draft people without asking first.

I have thousands of photographs, about 90% landscapes and other natural subjects. Autumn, the Blackstone River, water fowl, Arizona, and sunrises are all favorite subjects. This has encouraged me to go back into my files and process pictures that I’ve never worked with.



I took these photographs on one wonderful, long day in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. It was mid January with the sun high in the sky. The Superstitions (locally called “the Supes”) are impressive and forbidding. Beautiful to look at and a joy to photograph.

This final photograph has the distinction of being unprocessed except for a bit of cropping. It looked exactly like this, except maybe better.


We took thousands of pictures in Arizona. I haven’t gotten to processing more than a quarter of them. I tried to limit myself to one picture today, but I failed. Sorry!

Cee and I are acquainted with most of the same groups of photo bloggers and pretty much anyone I can think to nominate has already been nominated. If by some quirk of luck, you have been overlooked, PLEASE participate. Consider yourself nominated and chosen! Especially if these are the kind of pictures you usually post, it’s no stretch to just post them as part of the challenge. Come one, come all!


    • You absolutely cannot beat sunrise and sunset for beauty. I included it because it was the end of that day, but also because I didn’t do anything to it, not even sharpening. I have a sharpened version, but the difference is minimal. I loved your woodpecker!

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  1. There’s a lot of contrast in the pictures. The mountains up close and the mountains in the distance are quite different in colour. The last picture has to be a sunset. (am I correct?) It amazing.


    • Me too! If I was going to pick a place to have another home, I think it would be up near Flagstaff. High enough to get away from the smothering desert heat, but surrounded by the most beautiful mountains. Civilized, but wilderness just a short drive down the road!


    • They were a set, really. All of them taken along the road that winds through the mountains (pulling off to shoot was sometimes a little scary). All the blind turns and switchbacks … and how dangerously fast some people drive on those roads. Which reminds me that I don’t understand people who take a scenic road then proceed to go so fast they can’t see anything. What’s the point?

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