I feel honored to be chosen by Cee Neuner  to participate in the Seven Day Nature Challenge.

The challenge calls for posting one photo a day for seven days. The subject can be anything from the natural world. Today, I thought I’d stay close to home. Show you some pictures of the Blackstone River. It’s the main river in this watershed valley.

Forty-eight miles of river from where it begins in the Worcester hills to its outlet in Narragansett Bay near Providence, Rhode Island. Along its course, it drops 450 feet and generates a lot of power. Mills and factories used to crowd the banks of the Blackstone.

This is where the American Industrial Revolution began, but it also caused horrible pollution. Pollution which is lingers yet. Better than it was, but not gone. There are always people who refuse to believe it’s a bad idea to dump waste into your drinking water. It’s a level of stupidity I have trouble comprehending.

But I digress.



These were all taken in March in Whitinsville, the next town west of us along Route 122. The swans and seagulls were having a party and they let us take the pictures.


Cee and I are acquainted with most of the same groups of photo bloggers and pretty much anyone I can think to nominate has already been nominated. If by some quirk of luck, you have been overlooked, PLEASE participate. Consider yourself nominated and chosen! Especially if these are the kind of pictures you usually post, it’s no stretch to just post them as part of the challenge. Come one, come all!

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11 replies

  1. What a great party to attend! I love the first shot especially- and the close up of those swans.


  2. Peace and beauty and then there are the birds fishing like mad. That’s nature for you!


  3. Wonderful photos. I really like your lead in photo there is just so much going on. 😀


    • Thanks Cee! Almost hidden in the woods was a lady feeding the birds. They were all circling, wanting to get a piece of that action. At first, I couldn’t see her at all … but the way the birds were circling, there had to be food involved. It made very pretty patterns … swans and gulls and a few odd ducks 🙂


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