• Yup. There was a book, back in the 1970s (I think) called “A Trumpet of Swans” which had thousands of these. It must be long out of print because I can’t find it and have no idea where my original copy of it went. Today, you can find long lists of these by googling them. And it is fun to make up new ones … “a beeping of cellphones …” and “a confusion of computers” are my most recent creations. There are unlimited possibilities and I’ll bet that’s how these were all created in the first place. I mean, who originated “a school of fish”? Someone had to be the first, right?


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  2. That’s too funny! It made me think of all the names for different groups of animals, and I am off to search for some sort of fun meme for a murder of crows. 🙂


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