If there’s one universal truth about life on earth, it’s that all that lives — plant or animal — eats. From the birds in the sky and the Christmas cacti in the dining room, to the ants who annually invade my kitchen — it’s dinnertime.

Biscuit time - All dogs

Ask the dogs. Gibbs has been with us just a month, but before he had been here two days, he knew the sound of the biscuit box being opened. It would bring him hot-footing it from the farthest edge of the yard to the kitchen, dancing with glee at the chance to get a piece of dry, hard, tasteless dog biscuit.


Of all the dining venues the U.S. has to offer, nothing is as uniquely American as the diner. George’s Coney Island in Worcester, Massachusetts is old. Serving hot dogs and other quick foods since 1918, its retro look is not feigned.

It’s still pretty much in its original form, from the dark wood booths to the huge, mustard dripping hot dog neon sign.


What’s your preference? If you are peckish, really hungry or just looking for a toothsome nibble, what do you crave?

If you’re not sure, try the diner. They’ve got everything!

I participate in WordPress' Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

DINNERTIME – The Daily Post WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge


      • Tasty subject. I miss those sidewalk vendors who offered steamed hot dawgs with the fixings. We have a couple locally during the summer. We talk about patronizing our diner. We need to walk the walk. And, there’s still the Japanese birthday dinner we owe each other.
        The way we were menu: White Castle’s “see through” burgers.


    • I think NY and NJ are the diner capitals of the U.S. I grew up in NY and there were diners everywhere, even way out in the country. Not so many up here, even though this is where the diner originated.

      It was 60 and sunny today, but it’s in the 30s now that it’s dark.


  1. You really have some character diners in the States. Ours are all under the Swiss laws, so very nice and organised and no chance of something completely different, although there are a few in the larger cities. I always avoided the weekly photo thing as there are so many entries, I could never get around to commenting on them all, but I might begin.


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