I apologize to anyone who has accidentally posted under the name “Anonymous” because you couldn’t take the time to use your WordPress identifier. Anonymous comments will always be sent directly to spam. If you are too paranoid to create an identity, I must assume you have bad intentions.

It’s hard to keep the hackers, malware, viruses, adware, and trolls at bay. If you aren’t in that category, set up an identity and use it. No matter how harmless a comment seems, once approved, it becomes a doorway into this site.


Even if you are a dear friend, I cannot know that if you send it as “Anonymous.” Friends don’t send anonymous messages. Bloggers who care about their sites don’t allow them.

I got two this morning. I got one last night. Usually, I can tell a fake from a real comment. The one last night told me he loved my pictures and they made him LOL for hours. The aforementioned pictures weren’t funny and so he was either a troll or a hacker.

No one with a fully masked identity will be allowed to comment on this site.

Also, I will spam anyone who’s comment is nothing but a link to their personal site. Speaking of fakes, there are far too many fake people, fake sites, fake friends out there. If you are one of them, I will do my best to end your journey at my front door.

Anonymous” means spam to me.

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  1. “I’ve been browsing online more than 3 hours today, and I never found an article as interesting as yours!” Yes, these bots are definitely a plague. And I get the same thing Dennis does, where an algorithm that thinks my blog is about X posts autocomments in an article about Y. I find the auto spam filter gets most, but not all, of these.

    More problematic are the “hit and run” commenters, who I guess you could call trolls. They find one article, post a comment often with a fake name or email address trying to fool the system, and it’s usually something snarky or outrageous. Then they’re gone and never return. Some of these can be pretty bizarre. I do a lot of history on my blog and one day, on an article about the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand in 1914 (the event that triggered World War I), a hit and run commenter left about a 1,500 word screed about how the Austrians were scum of the earth, Ferdinand deserved what he got, and Serbia was the greatest country in the world and I was a dirty rat fink anti-Serbian bigot. Mind you this was 100 years after the event. He must have spent an hour composing this diatribe. Time it took me to send to the trash folder: 0.1 seconds.

    Then there was the guy who tried to argue that George Washington was not the first President of the United States. But we won’t get into that…


    • I got trolled on a review about Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson on Amazon, of all places. It got so bad, I just took the review down. At least I can lock out the really awful trolls here on my blog, but I’m very wary of posting anything anywhere else. Facebook is obviously perilous, but Goodreads and Amazon have almost no supervision. For reasons I will NEVER understand, there are people who love making other people unhappy. There are the reviewers who have to drop in a 1 star review because everyone else thing the book/movie/product is great. Did mommy not love them enough? Was daddy too strict? Mostly, I want to get one of them alone and beat them with sticks.

      Anyway, I had said that the book spent too much time talking about Hamilton’s role in the Revolution, with troop movements and battle summaries … and that was not what the book was supposed to be about. So I suggested that if you aren’t a war buff, you might want to skim lightly through the battle and move on to the meatier parts of the book.

      I got flamed. So I can easily believe someone decided Washington wasn’t the first president. There are a LOT of wackos out there and apparently, they think they know the secrets of history. Who’d have thunk it?

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      • Yeah, tell me about it! The operative words are “they think they know.” History trolls seem to be motivated universally by a common dynamic: they have secret knowledge that is contrary to what most historians (and ordinary people) think, they’re right and the vast majority of people are wrong and they want you to know how wrong you are. The conceit of secret knowledge is a hugely powerful motivator. It’s what animates conspiracy theorists and climate change deniers too. No surprise those groups are more prone to trolling than others.


  2. Ha, love your first sentence. 🙂 Would you liked to buy some cheap jewellery?

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  3. I am just an anonymous evil squirrel here to share my complete lack of grasp on the English language along with some random strings of words that might look like they came from real comments even if they don’t match the context of the post I put them on. I will also embed a hotlink to my website which I plan to use to take over the world into every other letter… and maybe try to sell you some black market European shoes.


  4. Scary all these spammers. I hate it!


  5. Boy you got a lot of replies to that one. I don’t say anything I wouldn’t put my name to.


  6. actually, I have a very small readership, which may be why they troll us, figger, probably, we’re too dim to recognize spam when we see it. any five name folks you have in your readership, I can almost guarantee will belong to the Russian Bride brigade, or something equally worthless.


    • I was getting spammed when 10 views in a day was worth popping the cork on champagne. It really isn’t about popularity. They are just likely to target very small blogs. They just like to find an “in” … which is why it’s important to be alert to fakes. Behind the fake is almost always one of the internet psychos who just likes to make life miserable for strangers. They really don’t care who they hurt.


  7. Makes me glad my blog isn’t that popular. ^_^ I don’t have to deal with spam nor trolls… yet.

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  8. “The one last night told me he loved my pictures and they made him LOL for hours. The aforementioned pictures weren’t funny and so he was either a troll or a hacker.”

    Oh, yeah, I love these spammers. It shows that their bots waste a lot of energy. That is the good thing about a broad or personal blog, we both for example write about all kind of topics, and bots often identify our sites as a certain niche and post the comments wrongly on a totally unrelated posts.

    Here is one example… I publish a photo of my cat and write about her day…. A spammer bot noticed that my site is also hosting software or gaming tutorials and identifies my site as a pure gaming site, and drops one of these or similar spam comments on my mentioned cat post: “Hey, thank you for the cool PC game guide, check out my site XY!”….

    That happens every day on my blog in all kind of directions, a cat spam comment on a post about a flower, a spam comment about a blogging spam service on a post about Photoshop (laugh)…. so blatant, however, I must admit that this kind of spam could work well if my site would be just about one niche, for example only PC gaming, but probably not, because I dislike comments with massive amounts of links, or too blatant self-promotion, so that I probably still would find out that it’s spam. I can just smell this type of comment.

    I can smell spam from a far away distance as well, and my blog settings protect me very well too. If it’s a human, they waste their time on my blog, if it’s a bot, the controller is wasting his recources on my blog. The most blatant spam is landing in the spam folder anyway without my assistance, and the other spam will not be approved and moved by myself to the spam folder while I enjoy cup ice tea, not a lot of work involved, my brain does this on auto-pilot too after so many years of blogging. 😀

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    • I’m getting better at identifying it. I do have some very un-techie friends who don’t seem to understand how to have an identify … or are too paranoid to set up a WordPress profile. I’m out of patience with them.

      Mostly, these days, Anonymous means hacker, troll, or both. I treat them accordingly. If it’s a real person, they’ll have to try it again and create a profile.

      The “come see my blog” link droppers really annoy me. It’s just so rude.

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      • Keep an eye out for what I have begun to call the ‘five names poster”. Usually female, with five names to her credit–something like “Michelle Truman Carmody Dwight Bush”, and if you check her photo against those in google images (gotta love that place) it’s never her, but often a Russian Bride or porn queen, lol. We get a lot of that on Blogger, don’t know if you’ve seen any of them here, and I have yet to see one that was real people. No idea what the purpose is, either.

        I dont think much of the ” link to my blog” commenters either, it’s lazy.

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        • I get a nice assortment of weirdos, occasionally scary weirdos who probably should be on an NSA list somewhere. But mostly, I get fakes who have phony “blogs” which are hundreds, sometimes thousands of links which probably are all malware or viruses or worms. Why do these people do it? I’ve never been able to figure it out. Are they so short of a life to live that this is the only way they can get their kicks? I don’t know, but I’m very very careful because those bugs can destroy a website. FAST.


  9. Did you get it, I just gave you a virtual handshake a hug. Yes, the day at WordPress is filled with spam and they all go immediatel to the happy spam hunting grounds. I don’t even bother to look at them and if one slips through into my comments, I kill it – no problem. I just hope that it is not the announcement of my Pulitzer prize.


    • This week I killed at least one invitation from an old friend to lunch, but she doubled back and sent an email. Anyone who really knows me, can find me. And anyone who blogs can get the email address of almost anyone else who blogs, so if one approach doesn’t work, you can find a way to be in touch. Sometimes, the spam gets really intense and I feel like I’m under attack. Then it settles down for awhile until it goes into overdrive again. I have NO idea what propels it.

      I too am waiting for the announcement of my Pulitzer. They must have been delayed. A flat tire on the road maybe?


  10. I get alot of spam that the spamfilter catches, but have yet to see any anonymous ones? I take it from your post that is a real concern, so I thank you for that. I learned something new there, and that is a good thing 🙂


    • I get waves of “anonymous.” Sometimes, it’s just new bloggers who don’t know how to work the system … but more often, it’s hackers trying to get you to approve them so they can do stuff to your site. I’m not nearly as security conscious as I ought to be, but anonymous comments are a huge red flag. It’s rare to get a bunch of them in a 24 hour period. Someone wants “in.”

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  11. I can usually recognise the voices of one or two real friends whose gadgetry ends up commenting anonymously. The rest reluctantly go to spam as do those who send only a link.


    • I can sometimes tell that it’s someone if the commenter really knows me because of what they said. Most often, I’m simply not sure so I err on the side of caution.

      As for the link senders, if they send an actual comment plus a link, I make a judgment call. If it’s a standalone link or a fake (generic) comment and link? Spam.

      It’s a perilous online world these days. One wrong guess and whammy.

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      • Yes, you can usually tell… and the WP spam filters, though they have their glitches, do a good job on the whole.


        • Generally, yes. It’s one of the things that seems to work pretty well. When I find I have a LOT of spam (like hundreds of them), I look to make sure they are all really spam. Sometimes, for no discernible reason, it spams real comments from regular followers. But not often.

          They changed the software again last night, by the way. It’s now a TWO STEP process to add in a link and tell it to open in a new tab. Really on their toes, those developers.


          • I check spam daily for that reason…it takes ages otherwise to go through it and, like you, I get a lot of spam these days and comments end up there occasionally.
            I suppose I’d better check that out 😉


            • I wish WordPress would stop making simple things harder and consider being nice to customers and going the other way. My spam has been down, but views are up, mostly, but any day, I’m sure they’ll drop by half (again). I have NO idea what they are trying to achieve.


              • That’s why, on the whole, I pay little heed to the stats. I check them, but know they mean only whatever the programmers have decided to include and depend so much on our interaction with other bloggers too.
                I know that mine will drop dramatically while I’m away… they always do. I also know that those who come to read will still come to read.Meanwhile, doubtless, the parameters will change yet again for some unknown reason…
                You could completely lose the plot if you tried to keep track of a blog by numbers, couldn’t you? 😀


                • I try not to notice the numbers, but how can you not notice when traffic drops by half? I figure my real readers are there, but sometimes they get counted, sometimes not. I hate the changes to the interface. The worst for me is losing the control over font size I gained when I bought the custom package three years ago. Now you can go small, normal, big, or huge … meaningless to me. I need a measurement. They keep dumbing down the software which for me makes it much harder to use.


                  • I’ve had that too… I usually check the news first to see if something major has happened on the world stage… if not, I just shrug and wait for WP to stop playing.
                    I do agree with the dumbing down though…or rather about it, not with it! Though it isn’t just WP but what seems to be a general trend towards creating a quiet society that has ceased to think or question. I’m convinced brains atrophy with underuse…


      • Solid stuff, give or take a lie or two.



  1. NaPoWriMo – Day 19 – “How To Write A ‘How To’ List” by David Ellis | toofulltowrite (I've started so I'll finish)

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