If you had to have your vision corrected would you rather: glasses or contacts?  Or what do you use if you need to have your vision corrected?

I can’t wear contacts. I’ve tried at least half a dozen times through the years. Hard, gas-permeable, soft, disposable … and in the end, they mess with my eyes. I wind up with a massive eye infection. One of which almost cost me the sight of one eye. That was the last try. Sometimes, you have to know when to quit.72-Sunglasses_06


I have never been able to get used to multi-vision eyeglasses. Wherever your eyes are supposed to track to properly use those glasses, mine don’t. So, I have distance glasses, computer glasses, and prescription sunglasses. I don’t need reading glasses. Naked eyes work fine for reading.

Garry has worn contact lenses for more than 40 years without problems. Just another case of “go figure.”

If you had to describe your day as a traffic sign, what would it be?

No parking.


Was school easy or difficult for you? How so?

Learning was easy. Socializing was difficult. I was much happier reading a book than playing with other kids.

Would you rather take a 1 or 2 week vacation with an organized tour or take a cruise of your choice?

Neither. We’ve gone on two cruises and they were pleasant. Relaxing. I don’t think I’d want to do another one. Those were more than enough.


The idea of an organized tour gives me the creeps. That doesn’t sound like anything I’d call fun. More like punishment.

I’d rather stay home, thanks.

23 thoughts on “SHARING MY WORLD AGAIN

  1. I’ve worn glasses until I have a permanent red depression on both sides of my nose and my ears hurt a lot too. I wore contacts for years until I was told they were injuring my eyes so I had to stop. Last week I had cataract surgery on one eye and I can’t wait to get the other eye done. At the moment I’m near sighted in one eye and have normal vision in the other eye. It is the weirdest sensation and if I make a spelling mistake it just might be my fault at the moment. I’ll probably have to get readers but for everything else I should be able to see just fine.
    BTW my road sign would be “merge”.


  2. My mother bought me contact lenses when I was 16 because I was so shy, and the other kids made fun of my glasses – she thought contacts would boost my confidence. They did. I wore contacts for many, many years. But then I somehow scratched my cornea and the contacts were never comfortable after that. The things I loved about contacts was that they never steam up in the winter, and you can go swimming while wearing them. If it’s pouring down rain, you can still see where you’re going while wearing contacts. I still have a box of contacts in my dresser drawer, thinking maybe some day …


    • My mom got me contacts when I was 15 for the same reason, but they were never comfortable. Those first ones were the hard ones, but even when they because semi-soft, then soft, then disposable … my eyes do not like them. Garry loved them and wore them until he had cataract surgery and stopped needing them … more then 40 years. They were a godsend when he was working outside in all kinds of weather for exactly the reasons you mention.

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  3. I wore glasses from the age of 7, and 50 years later, had cataract surgery–miracle drug, that is. I no longer wear glasses except for reading, and I have readers scattered all over the house.
    Never wanted contacts, and we couldnt have afforded them anyway.

    Some people are gypsies, some people are oak trees with deep tap roots. I LIKE my own yard, my own area. The idea of going away just to see other stuff isn’t relaxing, it’s numbing. All that packing, all that driving or flying or whatEVER. If I were going to go somewhere it would be for six months, maybe longer.
    And deliver me from the organized tour. (shudders)

    And I LOVED school. I realize now I was a lousy student, but I needed the companionship of the other kids. I was an only, lived in a child-poor area, and the only time I saw other kids my own age was in school. But the actual learning process, well, “you just arent trying…” pretty much sums it up. You don’t have to be stupid to be a lousy student.


    • I didn’t do WELL in school, but it was easy. I loved books!

      I loved to travel when we were young. I did a lot of traveling alone (my favorite because you don’t have to sit around and wait for other people). Later, with Garry who was (note the past tense) a very good traveler. Neither of us like organized anything. Garry will never do exactly what he’s told. He has some kind of contrary gene that makes him need to find another way, no matter what.

      I wanted to see Israel, so I moved there. I went to England for three months. Short vacations are more work than relaxation and being herded on and off a tour bus isn’t fun. I did go on one short tour of the Galilee with my mom, the last time she came to Israel. She was already dying. She wanted to go somewhere with just me — without my father. We saw a few things, but mostly, we got to be alone with each other. No husbands or kids — or ringing telephones.

      Cruises are relaxing. They are also a great place to recover from an illness. No cooking, cleaning, stair-climbing and all the entertainment you want without walking more than a few feet. Otherwise, you really have to like cruise ships. And eating.

      Garry had cataract surgery 10 years ago. These days he’s far-sighted. He finally broke down and got computer glasses to go with his reading glasses. They have made his life easier.

      I can’t get the implants (which fortunately, I do not (yet) need). Chronic dry-eye. It’s also why I can’t wear contacts. Anyway, I’m used to glasses. I feel like a piece of my face is missing without them 🙂


    • That’s pretty much my story. One time, they were so fused to my eyeball, I had to go to Boston Eye & Ear to have them dig it out. That was the end of the story for me and contacts. I’m okay with glasses. It’s also how I hide my secret identity.

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  4. Contact lenses creep me out so much, I’d never even consider getting them. Sticking things in my eye and then trying to take them out again is just not my idea of fun. Luckily, I’m only somewhat nearsighted, and I can get by in regular life without corrective eyewear. I only use my glasses when I go to ballgames so I can actually see the action on the field clear as a bell rather than semi-fuzzy shapes throwing a semi-fuzzy ball around…

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    • I’ve gotten LESS near-sighted as I’ve gotten older. Apparently that’s normal, so I wear my computer glasses for almost everything except when I need sunglasses or I’m driving. Otherwise, a little fuzzy is okay with me 🙂


    • Squirrel, contacts were a blessing for us folks who worked in front of a camera. You could read the prompter and see the words before mispronouncing them.


  5. I did this last week so you know my views on glasses. Parking is always a problem, I usually find a place but prefer ti to be surrounded by two empty places to give me room to park. Am with you with the organised tour, no thankyou. Rather do it on my own.


    • I am an inherently disorganized person. I take care of business, but I like to make my own schedules. MOST important, I like to be able to change my mind and do something else instead of what was planned. Garry and I are good that way. We change our minds, take side trips, sleep late, decide that “today, let’s do nothing.” You can’t do that on a tour. They get all upset about it. It’s like being back in school and needing a note from mom.

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      • Vision change – Cataracts surgery has given me long distance fighter pilot vision. But I still need
        reading and computer glasses for closeup stuff. I sometimes wear one contact so I can
        see everything.
        Of course, X-ray vision would be neat.
        I wish I could have state of the art hearing aids. As Lou Jacobi once said, “But that’s
        another story”. (Lou’s the same guy who asked Swannie a certain question).
        Day/Traffic sign – SLOW!
        School – Interesting ‘cept for math and science. I was an outsider.
        R ‘n R — don’t need any stinkin’ guides.

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