How timely! We had to go into Boston today so I could pick up a piece of paper I needed from my doctor’s office. We were lucky. Traffic was moving, except for a short stretch of the inevitable road construction.


They say there are only three seasons in New England: Autumn, Winter, and Road Construction. To be fair, Road Construction can overlap with Autumn and Winter. It’s just that it totally consumes what ought to be Spring and Summer.

We have re-entered the construction season. Garry thinks we never entirely left it because they worked on the roads through the whole winter this year.

The better news is they are finally rebuilding the bridge to our favorite park. It had become so rickety, driving over it was an adventure. Not in a good way. Our little park will be inaccessible for months. You can’t get anywhere near it, right now. Hopefully the construction won’t last for years.


And, the day being beautiful, I brought my camera. I took pictures of the road, something I do only occasionally. I told Garry “You never know when you’ll need a few pictures of the road … ” Voila!



8 thoughts on “ON THE ROAD IN BLACK & WHITE

  1. Maybe the truck is best in its class … but obviously that doesn’t include the driver! I’ve been hit by a truck. Garry’s PARKED car was mashed by a truck (fortunately, a neighbor saw and wrote down the license of the truck). Remember when truck drivers were regarded as the best and safest drivers on the road? Hah.


  2. Every time I see a Swift semi truck, I recall the Swift driver who backed into the rear wall of our Mecca a couple years ago and left a nice big hole in our backroom for a few weeks. Thankfully, nobody was on the other side of the wall when it happened. “Best in class” indeed….


  3. Somehow the black and white photos of the roads gives me a sense of times past.
    I’m glad you’ll be able to access the park soon. Nice weather is on the way.


    • Define “soon.” I’m betting — with luck — next November. Nothing is done quickly around here, especially not bridge repair. They let this one go until it was obviously very dangerous, but at least they decided to fix it before someone went into the river, car and all. There are other places. That’s just a really nice little park and one of the best places for heron and goose spotting!


    • It would have had to be a video so I could catch the enraged mumbling about SLOW DRIVERS and CONSTRUCTION. Besides, I was thinking the same thing. Gonna be a long time till we see that part of the river again!


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