There’s a popular rumor that Monet painted water lilies with increasingly less detail … which is to say, more abstract … because as he aged, his eyes got worse. I prefer to think he was consciously developing his art, but since he’s not around to ask, we’ll never know.

I intentionally take abstract pictures sometimes. Usually, there’s a particularly interesting play of light, shadow, and form which tickles my fancy.


The dam, shot from close and almost directly above, becomes abstract.

Wet Leaves 5

Wet autumn leaves almost floating on a glass table form a pattern that could be called abstract.


Black and white, twisted reflections of trees lining the riverbank abstract as the current twists them into strange shapes.


And finally, the pods on a fuchsia are color and form shot very close.

fuchsia macro buds

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  1. Very cool. I am also an artist. Your work is good


  2. The twisted trees looks just like what a premium (Or Pay Per View) cable channel looked like back in the day when it was scrambled to keep you from seeing its content. Trying to watch the naughty channel through the scrambled signal was a “thing” back in the 80’s/90’s (Not that I would know that from personal experience, of course)….


    • Now, you can’t do anything, just watch the “call this number for new service” screen which isn’t even a challenge. Cheez. That’s no fun at all. I wouldn’t know either because, y’know, I’m a girl and I don’t do that stuff.

      There was time when ingesting some amount of some substance or other would make the whole world look sorta like that. I think we called it fun. Now I’d dial 911. Ah, how (sadly) times have changed.


  3. Nice! Loved these photos! Great take on the challenge.


  4. Love the wet autumn leaves. Beautiful.


  5. Last one is so attractive


  6. I liked this post and pictures very much. Your dam is one of the most stunning subject for photography. You have made it immortal with your camera. It fits almost everywhere.


  7. Great impressions of the abstract, Marilyn. So they blame the abstract of Monet on his eye sight. That’s an interesting take on it.


    • I don’t believe it. But I have heard it a lot of places. I think it is unlikely. First, because near-sightedness decreases with age. But next, because his art developed in a particular direction. It wasn’t just the “blurryiness,” but the way he used color and form. To ascribe it to “bad eyes” is an insult to a great artist.

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  8. The angle on the dam is great, really Ansell Adams worthy. I love playing with objects when I take photos. I think as a sort of amateur photographer, you see things in a different aspect.


    • I had to creep out on that nasty little ledge to get the picture. I was sure I was going to fall in and that would be my end. Fitting, perhaps, but very WET. We shoot pictures at the dam so often, I’m always looking for a way to do something different. We’ve been talking about it because we really do need to find some new places to shoot. We’ve done some of these so often, I can’t think of anything new to do. This was, at least, different.


  9. I love the black and white reflection 🙂



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