There are real heroes among us. They don’t wear capes and masks. Instead, they wear heavy gear and carry hoses, axes, and breathing masks. They drive big red trucks with loud sirens and in a small community like this one, they are all volunteers.

When the rest of us are running out of the burning building, these people are racing into it. Heroes. Unpaid and underpaid, they are also under-appreciated for the dangerous and vital work they do.


This classic shot of the firefighters on 9/11 says it all. I didn’t take the picture and I don’t know who did, so I can’t credit the photographer. I would if I could.

Maybe that’s why our retired local fire truck “old number 2” has a place of her own in a field and is regularly visited by her neighbors.

I participate in WordPress' Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

32 thoughts on “HEROES

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  2. Yes … who knows how many lives that old truck rescued?? … now rusting in the field.
    I wish somebody would rescue it … before it’s too late.

    It’s a certainty that most REAL Heroes pass unseen … by us humans.
    But not by the REAL powers that be.


  3. We have a lot of old stuff in Europe, born before the United States, but you never see a piece of nostalgia rusting in a field. You would probably get a fine in Switzerland. they are all taken out of circulation and crushed into little cubes……. or they might be spruced up and put in a museum.


    • Honestly, you only see that kind of thing out in the rural parts of the state. Never near a city or in a suburb. It’s unique to areas like this. Anywhere else, it would have long since been towed to a junkyard.


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  5. Great post. Love your photos – I bet that truck has a few memories to share. I admire anyone who puts their life on the life for us.
    I have tried to link your post to mine – sorry but WordPress is still very fickle – it decides who should and who shouldn’t


    • WP is having a lot of weird linking issues. Mine got fixed, but a lot of people are experiencing all kinds of problems. I’m not surprised. They’ve grown very fast … faster than their servers can keep up … and they keep fiddling with the software with a lot of unexpected results. Like most companies, they don’t fully test their “upgrades.” They just throw them out into the world and let us sort them out for them.

      My reblog function started out by rejecting some sites, but accepting others and eventually, stopped working entirely. I had to get in touch with WordPress and they fixed it in a few days. This also happened to Cee and AngloSwiss and a lot of others … so if it gets worse, ask for help. It’s not something you can fix yourself and it will not go away.

      I really admire anyone who will run into a burning building. I can’t even imagine doing that. For ANY reason.


    • That was last year … but this year, it is beginning to fall to pieces. It has been out in that field for a long time. More than 15 years that I know of and probably at least five years more than that. I think they will finally tow her away this year. The glass has been smashed and the rusty broken bits are probably dangerous now. It’s a pity, but the old girl had a long life.

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  6. anyone who wears a police badge. Or is a fireman. Or an emergency ward attendant. These days you never know who is in the building, in the car, in the ambulance when it pulls in. you never know what’s gonna come up off that seat beside that nice looking young man, or who is hiding–or aiming–in that burning building.
    And they deal with us all with varying degrees of humor and patience. Most of the time.

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    • Judy, you’d be amazed at how much crap these folks put up with — from the very people whose lives they are saving and/or protecting. The false alarms are another annoying and sometimes life altering issue.

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      • oh, I know, Gary. We see it out here all the time. This is still pretty rough-edged, a wide mix of people of all stripes, and I dont envy the local cops this particular stretch of town.

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    • It’s a tough job with a lot of stress. And they’re just humans, like the rest of us, except when they have a bad day … it’s a VERY BAD day. I know I couldn’t do it, not even when I was young, spry, and a lot more patient than I am these days.

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  7. Police, “Jakes” and EMT’s are under appreciated heroes. Too often, the headlines are negative. These first- responders put their lives on the line every day. They also have to use people skills in challenging, inflammatory situations. I spent many of my 40 plus reporter years with these folks. The TV and movie images don’t do them justice.

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    • I knew what I wanted … but as you see, I had to use someone else’s photograph for the main scene. I didn’t really have a picture to use. I could have done the “my husband is my hero and the guy I admire” thing, but I’ve done that before … and I really do admire these people. They get a lot of bad press, but are truly heroic.


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