Month: May 2016


Time to set the scene for the circus! Yay Circus!! Cue the orchestra. Now, let’s see the ringleader … or is that ringmaster? Oh, here he is! What a dashing fellow! Now, how about some monkeys? You know, circus monkeys…. Read More ›


I was a reader as a little kid and I read all the time. I was voracious and pretty much devoured books, as many as a dozen a week. My mother firmly believed in letting me read everything, without any… Read More ›


I stood there by the side of the highway, hands in the air as the masked bandit grabbed the gold shipment. Now the bastard was demanding any personal property belonging to passengers which might be worth selling. I was pissed…. Read More ›


CEE’S FUN FOTO CHALLENGE: ARCHITECTURE When all is said and done, there’s no better place to shoot architecture than Boston … and no place in Boston more interesting than Beacon Hill. Beacon Hill is the “original” Boston. From here, Paul Revere… Read More ›