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  1. Those are really interesting photos. I am curious if there is a special filter that makes them look sepia-toned, or if that is my imagination, or just how they came out. I think it would be really interesting to do a series on “before and after” photos that have been edited or changed in some way.


  2. I love that you chose photography for this prompt rather than writing. These photographs are truly, worth a thousand words… and more.


    • And I didn’t have to get into the more morbid end of my memory stick. I see no percentage in gloom. My whole life has been dedicated to getting past the shit and finding a better head space. I think I’ll stick with that. Life, I’m sure, has plenty more nasty surprises waiting round the bend, but I don’t have to anticipate them now. We are enjoying a lull in the storm (figuratively speaking) and I appreciate the however brief calm.

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      • Smart thinking. I need to remember your attitude and apply it more to my own life.


        • I’ve had a really hard time. So have you. We can dwell in the misery or do our best to move past it, dodge around it, pretend it isn’t there, or anything else that works. It’s not like there won’t be more crap around the bend. But if I spend my time contemplating the awfulness, I’ll just be in that black pit again. It’s not a good place and nothing will be gained by dwelling there. It doesn’t fix anything. It doesn’t help me or mine. I don’t watch depressing movies. I don’t read grim books. There’s plenty of gloom and doom in my real world. As long as I can, I’m saying “no thank you” to misery. It’s emotional survival for me — and it might help you, too.

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          • Yes, you are right and I know better, I am just so stubborn and crabby when I am in pain, but, the good news is, I truly think by the end of next week, I should be back on my feet again without the neck/shoulder pain. Then, I have to make sure I don’t overdo catching up on all of the work that has fallen behind. I am so looking forward to getting back to transcription and some minor yard work.


            • Pace yourself. We aren’t kids anymore and when I push myself, my body lets me know on no uncertain terms that I’m no longer able to bounce back. It’s more like splat, you’re down for the count. So I try to listen to my body when it says “that’s enough.” Because fighting your body is stupid. We LOSE that fight, every single time. We should know better by now, but we are such stubborn idiots. My husband is the MOST stubborn of the idiots. He’s 74 and in very good shape, but he’s still 74 and there’s a lot of mileage on him. He always tries to push the envelope and the outcome is always body 1, Garry 0.

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              • Haha, I can identify with Garry’s efforts, and I admit, I can be a stubborn idiot too when it comes to doing too much. Problem is, I didn’t notice my pain until after I raked and bagged 22 leaf/lawn bags with leafs. One month later… I’m nearly back on my feet. I will NEVER bag leafs again! πŸ™‚


                • Garry is a hauler of heavy things. It never seems to occur to him that he may think he’s a kid, but his back does not agree. I just give him the heating pad and whatever decent painkillers I have in my arsenal and he watches old cop shows until he feels better πŸ˜‰


  3. Lovely images. I am planning on doing a book on abandoned houses on the road to Otane. We have a lot


    • Abandoned stuff makes great photography. Abandoned trucks, houses, churches, mills, factories. Some of the most haunting pictures are abandoned hotels and resorts. They are downright eerie. Good luck on the project. I will look forward to it!!


  4. I would have abandoned them as well. Nothing ever gets abandoned in Switzerland, too many restrictions and laws applied.

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    • I’m pretty sure we’ve got laws too. Just, we don’t have a police force to enforce them and nobody really cares. Our town has one full time police officer (the chief) and two part-timers. Not a whole lot of enforcing going on. Laws on the books are just on the books if no one cares one way or the other. I think they have the laws there “just in case” they need to harass someone.


  5. There is something I like about abandoned buildings.


  6. I’d say abandoned but still standing, like so many . . . just saying


  7. This photo inspires an artistic mind


  8. It was buildings like this that changed my world view as a kid (well one of the things). I realized while looking at them that some of them used to be top of the line, the best of the best, the sleekest and most modern buildings of their time. But for one reason or another, they just got left behind, and time moves on. Nothing gold can stay and all that. But they were enjoyed in their time and there’s no use mourning their loss. They’re still beautiful in their decline.

    Your pictures, as always are awesome. Thanks for sharing them.


    • When we traveled through the deep south, my first husband (RIP) and I in the mid 1960s, we saw a lot of abandoned property. Houses, mansions, barns … and oddly, churches. Always wondered what the story was. Ireland, too had a lot of abandoned houses, but often a new one right next door. It seemed that when the old house became uninhabitable, they just built a newer one and let the old one fall down. I don’t know whether it was sentiment or what, but we saw it a lot, especially out in the country.


  9. buildings like this abound, even on this property, before they settle into the ground and the cellar hole. I want to take every one of them home with me like stray puppies, and make them all better. sigh.


    • These two have been like this for YEARS and the town just props them back up. They are a very popular spot. Everyone knows where they are and they are frequently shown on the local cable network … just the picture. No information about them. Because everyone knows … except me. I have no clue.


  10. I think it’s wonderful how some snow and a few pine trees can make a broken down house look like a beautiful and serene painting.


  11. I love this stuff.., but the shack is not really abandoned. There’s a creepy old guy living there who has stories, to tell, enough to curl your hair.., unless your hair is already curly, then he just scares the bejeezus out of you and you NEVER go back there again. Unless, Of course, later on YOU become a creepy old guy/lady and are mysteriously drawn away from main stream society with a strong desire to live alone in some God forsaken old shack in the middle of nowhere, where you tell stories to folks who’s cars have broken down and all they need is a telephone. “Sorry man! Didn’t mean to bother you, but I just remembered I have a cell phone (embarrassed grin).., Whew! that was a close one..” There’s an erie cackle in the background as you return to your car and you hear a faint crackling voice, off in the distance saying.., “there ain’t been no cell reception around here in years sonny!” Hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, heeeeeee……..

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  12. don’t these just tear at your heart? I so want to know the history. The story behind why they were left…behind. Great photos, Marilyn.


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