Back in the golden olden days, hope had two meanings: “wished for” and “expectation,” the latter meaning being (mostly) obsolete though we still use it. For example, “I would hope your future plans include a college education” which from a parent really means “I expect you to go to college, young lady!”

Today, “hoping-against-hope” would loosely translate to mean “Who — against expectation (logic and reason) — nonetheless believes that the thing(s) he/she hoped for will (still) happen?”


Right now, I am hoping against hope that the rain will pause and let the sun shine for at least a little while. It has been a full week of rain.


Chilly and damp, I’m sure the earth is happy for the moisture. I’m grateful to have the rivers and our well filled. Even so, couldn’t we fit a little sunshine into the mix? Just a bit?


Our dogs have been extra cheerful since the rain started. I don’t know what that means, since they don’t like rain and are afraid of thunder. But, they’ve been in a super good mood since the first downpours on Sunday.

I asked them (several times and I was very respectful) what’s happening, but they have not been forthcoming.

Daily Post: Hope

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

25 thoughts on “HOPING AGAINST HOPE”

  1. Funny,since having a garden I am glad for every drop of water falling by natural causes. Spraying the garden with the hose is an expensive matter these days. We are lucky to live high up from the banks of our local River Aar as we have no great dangers of flooding from the river. More from wrongly built drainage systems – I could write a blog about that.


    1. When our well went dry, I thought I would always say thank you for the rain. And I do. It’s just when we get a solid week of it, and there’s nothing out there but grey skies and mud, well … I’m only human. And of course, the house is a daily challenge with twelve muddy paws running in and out. I’m grateful for vacuum cleaners, mops, and brooms!!


  2. “I would hope your future plans include a college education” which from a parent also means, “So you can move out, buy your own food, get a job, and a place to live.” Not necessarily in that order but “move out” is still at the top of the list.


    1. Yes, it is. And add to that “and because you will have a career, you can support yourself already!” Except it doesn’t necessarily work out that way. College no longer assures anyone of anything. It’s a ticket to ride, but not necessarily a ticket to a job, a career, or even a decent job. Nothing seems to be a guarantee of anything these days.


      1. Actually under those conditions, any job would do. But it seems that these days they all have to be specialist, professionals with “career” goals. Goals don’t earn money, pay rent or feed face.


  3. Amazing … we’re anticipating drought and already have massive fires here in Northern Alberta timber. Some towns are being evacuated. Little or no rain so far and we are experiencing mid summer heat. The grasses all around the area are tinder dry. NOT GOOD.

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  4. I hope you have some dry spells between the rain. I loved the photos you shared, both with the rain and the wonderful water reflection on a sunny day, Marilyn.


  5. Ahhhh yes, hoping when hope is futile. I am happy you are getting rain, in that your ecosystem (and well!) need it, but I do understand wanting the sunshine. It has been rainy here off and on, with a bit of severe weather (the tornado sirens going off, even), and just like your dogs, Kizzie and Lucy have been in high spirits, which makes no sense because generally they are both very frightened of thunder and even rain. Their mouths are shut, though, so I have no secret doggie intelligence to share. 🙂


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