Am I healthy? Is that the same as “not dead yet?”

Medical marijuanaWe all need a good whine now and then, don’t we? I mean … what’s the point in all this blogging if we cannot occasionally snivel and moan about how hard done by we are. Right?

The problem with doctors is that as far as they are concerned, if the tests they run don’t show up as abnormal, you’re fine. No matter how much you hurt, no matter how miserable you may feel, you are fine. Just fine. If your heart beats and your blood pressure does not make the cuff explode, you are fine.

If every single joint in your body is throbbing and you’ve got a five-day migraine that seems to be heading for a world record for migraine longevity, but no test shows anything wrong with you?

You are fine. Remember that.

I’m fine. How are you?


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  1. My back hurts like heck with the pain running down my right leg. Been here, done that, have a closet full of t-shirts. The pain wouldn’t be there if I didn’t garden and do other stuff I just shouldn’t do with a bad back and at my age. Oh well, back to the ice packs. 🙂


  2. Migraines 😩😩😥 I can’t even think about how one feels otherwise I will start having symptoms in a short while.
    Don’t visit doctors unless its an emergency. I follow this rule but with age catching up I am afraid Visits will increase


  3. “100 percent fine shape” as me and my co-workers would say in a running joke among us. One of our former workmates from way back in the day once told us his doctor told him this… he was in 100% fine shape. He was the very picture of bad health, and not coincidentlally is no longer with us (in a work and ethereal capacity). So when one of us feels like utter crap, we say we’re in 100 percent fine shape! Try it, you’ll feel so much better about yourself!


  4. I’m fine, thank you, Marilyn. The doctor says the dizzy spells are nothing to worry about, he gets them, too. But then no matter what ailment a patient presents with, he says he also has that ailment and not to worry. My husband went to the office with heart palpitations the doctor said don’t worry, I get those, too. I’m waiting for him to tell me that he’s also post-menopausal and not to worry. I’ve gotten to the point where I won’t even go to the doctor unless I’m sure I need to be admitted to the hospital.


    • I quite dislike my PCP. But he is, aside from arrogant, annoying, and dismissive, more or less competent. Finding a PCP willing to take on an aging patient with my list of issues is not easy. Most doctors don’t want anything to do with me. I’m unprofitable (Medicare), old, and sickly. It’s a no-win for them. So we put up with each other. And, like you, I only see him when I have absolutely no choice (like he won’t renew my meds if I don’t drop by for a blood test or three).

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  5. I had an argument with a doctor one day about blood tests. He made some interesting points though. It takes a lot of cellular damage to actually show up in your blood tests. He gave this example of a man who was fit and healthy and was late and ran up all the stairs to the lab. When the blood results came back they were abnormal – because of the lactic acid or something like that. When they repeated the tests when he hadn’t done any running the tests were completely normal. In the case of Chronic Fatigue, which I have, nothing at all shows up on the tests. You can feel like death warmed up basically, have swollen glands and can barely walk and then you get the results back and you feel like you are being treated like a hypochondriac. (I was being examined by this idiot of a doctor for an assessment for our state insurance company).
    I suppose as long as I am breathing, have a pulse and blood pressure I am still ok. (Only just)


    • I have a similar condition and there are no tests for it. Actually, there are MANY things for which there are no tests, including ovarian and pancreatic cancer, chronic fatigue, and rheumatoid arthritis which may show up in tests … but also may not. I’ve got arthritis of all kinds everywhere, as well as heart issues the names of which are currently eluding me. I know tests are affected by “the moment.” Don’t ever get a cholesterol test right after a big eating holiday because one rich meal with make your cholesterol spike. A lot of doctors don’t ever bother to consider re-testing to see if they get the same results.

      Personally, I think they really don’t care all that much how we feel. Call me cynical, but I’m not feeling the love. I’m breathing, I have a pulse, so I’M FINE. So is Garry. He is also FINE.


  6. Not sure which is more frustrating…feeling bad, but they’re not sure why OR feeling bad, and there’s nothing that will help it (or that will help it which you can aff0rd).. :/


  7. Well I’m not fine – it’s snowing $$#!!#$%^! It’s the 15th of May! What in the name of heavens is going on?

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  8. If you’re a Red Sox fan and saw Big Papi’s game for the ages yesterday, you’re FINE!!!! We’re all FINE until tonight’s game.
    Where did I put my sniffin’ glue?

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  9. Both my elbows feel like they have been hit by hammers. My hands only hurt if I use them for anything and there is only pain in my feet if I walk. Otherwise I am fine.

    Great post.


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  10. Man, I hate doctors and their freaking tests. You’re fine, your tests are normal. Well, fuck you very much because I’m not fine. Stupid doctors. Migraines are the worst. I hope yours goes away soon.

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  11. I don’t know if I am fine, because I am still laughing. What do they say “it’s ironic”? I have had 5 medical examinations in the past two weeks and my doc tells me on the phone that I have an illness and he wants to be sure. To be sure? Since the examinations he has disappeared. I am sure I am making medical history somewhere on the way. But as you say, I am fine. I might get giddy, might have motoric problems, have too much sugar in the blood and also too much cholesterol, but I am fine, no problem. As long as we pay the bills we are all in the good books at the docs. I would go to the vet, but he is even more expensive.

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