Family. You never know what’s going to happen, but you do know that whatever happens, it will be complicated.

A couple of days ago, my granddaughter arrived and moved into the southern end of our house, otherwise known as “downstairs.”

Bonnie, meet Nitro. Nitro? Meet Bonnie.

Bonnie, meet Nitro. Nitro? Meet Bonnie.

With Nitro, the puppy. And laundry. I will not go into any of the details of how this happened because I’m not entirely clear on them myself. It just happened. Like a meteor hitting the house or a flash flood. There we were, enjoying a quiet Sunday.

My son, the leading edge of the oncoming wave, explained that Kaity was on her way over.

“How nice. A Sunday visit,” says Granny Marilyn. Fifteen minutes later, she was moving in. With puppy. Nitro.


Garry, who had gone into the shower a little before the arrival of the son, emerged to find himself in a new world order. Although I explained that it was just as much a surprise to me as to him, I suspect he thinks I’m holding out on him.

I’m not. Honest.

I don’t know how long this will last. It’s fine with me, however it shakes out. If anyone is going to live with us, my granddaughter would be my first choice. Garry’s too, though he is worried about finding himself in charge of Nitro. I understand his concern.

As long as she house breaks and trains the puppy properly (I think he may be growing in the general direction of pretty big) and she keeps the place reasonably tidy, I’m good. Kaity grew up in this house, so there are no surprises laying in wait. She is comfortable in the space, knows that autumn brings the mice and spring, the ants. Though I think Nitro will be a formidable force with which any invading critter will have to reckon. He grows as I watch.


Everything else will sort itself out. This is probably a healthy move for Kaity. It’s time for her to separate from mommy. We all need to do it and it’s never easy. She can lead an independent life here, with little interference, but backup when and if needed.

I’m a bit pixellated by the rapid changes in life, so if I’m not writing as much, it’s because I’m busy absorbing a new reality. Keep in mind that Kaity could change her mind and leave tomorrow — be gone as fast as she arrived. I’m not quite sure how much to invest in this. I think I’ll keep my head low and let it sort itself out.

If I have learned nothing else in the past decade, it’s that young people need to make their own choices. Unless they ask for advice? Shut up, be supportive, be loving, and keep out of the line of fire.


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  1. Good that now you will have a company of another human being whenever Garry goes away on trips. Another dog is a big responsibility but I am sure Kaity will take care of him. Just watch him growing and you have got one more subject to click photos other than fuchsias 😊😊

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    • Yes, it will be nice to have Kaity nearby when Garry is away. As for the dog, I’m hoping she is more responsible this time around than she was the last couple of times. She is older now and I think she understands that not being responsible can have serious consequences for not only her, but for other people and most of all, for the puppy.

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  2. At least she arrived with just a puppy, and not with 3 or 4 kids.

    BTW, I may need somewhere to go between the time we sell our house and the time we can find a new one. I’ll let you know when hubby, Cody and I are on the way. 🙂

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  3. How are your fur kids coping with a lively interloper?


    • Gibbs doesn’t much care, far as I can tell. Bonnie is thrilled to the point of running around like a puppy herself. I think all her unfulfilled mothering genes have been activated. Bishop is trying to herd him around the yard, but Bishop herds everything. So … it’s pretty much business as usual. My dogs like other dogs. They are a very friendly bunch.

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      • It was funny watching the furry kids yesterday when I was snapping pics of them in THEIR front yard. They were playing for the camera. Bonnie “The Great Escape Tunnel Queen” was hilarious.


  4. We have much too much room. And a fenced yard. And a (well-earned) reputation for taking in … well … everyone.


  5. When I lived in our house, one with a husband included, my own three kids came and went, through college and then afterwards awhile. We had three bedrooms but a basement with two unfinished bedrooms where my oldest daughter and only son chose to live. Once I have been in my apt. with only one bedroom you would think this would NEVER happen, Marilyn (and Garry) but this is not so! My oldest daughter moved in to sleep on my living room floor for 3 months! My youngest daughter and I were sleeping in the twin beds in the one bedroom! Yikes!
    I am pleased to say that I do have a double bed, a sofa and floor space to fit a blow up mattress but each “grown child” has their own home ( 2 of 3) or apt. (the youngest) Hurray!
    I love my grandies and would take any one of them, but I do have a lease which says, “No Pets.” 😀

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  6. Wow, big news in your house. I hope for everyone’s sake that all turns out well as it can. Your grandaughter is very lucky that she has grandparents that she can turn to.

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  7. Nitro looks like a bundle of energy. Kaity has her work cut out for her. I still have my son with me. As soon as he graduates from college he will be moving out. So I will really be on my own for the first time in over 20 years. My children know that there will always be a bed with me, and that I will ask no questions. That I don’t criticise their decisions and choices. That is what they have always said – I don’t freak out in other words. I think if my daughter moved back in with me we will be surrounded by cats. She is known as the cat lady. In the apartment block where she lives another tenant had a cat, not any more. It has gravitated to her and now sleeps with her. I wouldn’t mind that either. I adore cats too.

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  8. Good luck and have fun. My daughter and an ex boyfriend of hers decided to get a puppy. (Yes, even after I said no.) She was in high school and his home would not except dogs. Four years later, the dog is still here, my daughter has moved out/found a new boyfriend (way better) and who knows where the ex-boyfriend is. The dog, Guy, is quite happy and entertains my dad during the day since he has moved in, he goes on trail rides with me and he plays with my cat, Simba, well as they were both babies when they met. Not my plan, but here I am. I have a dog.

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  9. Nitro like in Nitro glycerine. I think if I were your granddaughter I would more in as well. We have a smaller appartment, 3 bedrooms one of which is my(our?) office so no more room at the inn. Of course if No. 2 son would turn up for a night I have an extra bed, but for more No. 2 son would have to go on holiday, which he does once a year some time at the beginning of July. Granchildren must be great – Am I an exception? I have none yet so no hurry.

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    • I wasn’t in a hurry. My SON was in a hurry. I was actually a bit taken aback because I was still in my 40s when I became “granny.” Garry, however, was born for the role. He got to skip the “daddy” part and go straight to “grandpa,” which worked really well for him.

      I really don’t want another dog. I keep chanting that because somehow, I always seem to wind up inheriting the younger generations beasts. That being said, since I obviously have no control over my life and never have, life will be what it will be and I will deal with it. Whatever comes, will come.


    • Grand kids keep you young in spirit.


  10. It sounds like you are the perfect support for her through the transition (even if it may temporary). Gorgeous photos. KL ❤

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  11. I lost the spare room recently. But have it back again. I think… the laundry is still in there …

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  12. deep breaths, and it seems you understand what needs to be done (or not done) and you sound, in spite of yourself, fairly sanguine about the future, if still reeling from the Right Now.

    And o treats, another dog. Lol.

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    • I REALLY didn’t want a puppy. Really. As long as she takes care of him, I’m okay. But I’m not up to wrestling a big dog. So here’s hoping!


    • Taking deep breaths, Judy. Lots of them when not sneezing and lubricating pollen-allergy seiged eyes.

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      • oh dear. at least its not dog overload. Ive often wondered what Id do if I came down with Cat Sneezes…
        You have my sympathy, move over on the allergy bench, as soon as we have pollen to inhale Ill be right there with ya.

        Bewteen the pollen, the black flies and the mosquitoes, it’s a wonder anyone bothers to do more than a driveby of New England in the spring…

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  13. We’ve had a recent rearrangement with family as well, Marilyn. Hopefully things will work out. These are tough times and I’m just glad to be here for them when the need arises.

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  14. I think my mouth is still open….

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