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  1. Timeless in black and white. Love these


  2. Black and white really gives them a sense of history.


  3. You are becoming the female version of Ansel Adams. I very much like the b/w photos, they express more than colour I find.


    • The only things I have never made work in black and white are flowers. To me, flowers ARE color, so in black and white, they just seem kind of wrong. But these came out pretty nicely. It’s a great example of how a bright, overcast days is easier to shoot than a really sunny day.

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  4. These are fantastic! 🙂


  5. in about 8 weeks we head to Nova Scotia for a scheduled trip on the fabled schooner, The Bluenose. We are crossing our fingers for decent weather …


  6. So pretty. I think everything looks so historical in B&W. Such great shots, Marilyn.


  7. beautiful Marilyn- I love the perspective in the first 2. The subject of the harbor works so well in B & W


  8. Wow! Nice photos……….


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