I don’t usually put up multiple posts, but there are so many different way to look at “pure” as a visual concept. So here’s one for today and there will be another tomorrow.

Putting aside the current gypsy moth invasion which is putting a serious crimp in our lives, this would have been a great summer. Not only is the weather moderate, but we have had enough rain so that our river is full again. The ponds and streams have fish and the herons are happy.

This post is about the purest thing … water. Clean, sparkling, fresh.


I participate in WordPress' Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

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  1. The first waterfall picture is unusual, what with the black falling water and the white surf – I love it!

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  2. The last photo is just wonderful with the reflection and the opening that looks like an eye that allows you to see into a new world. It could be a postcard from New England. 🙂


    • I call it the “eye hole bridge.” I’ve also always thought it looks like an eye. It’s my favorite local bridge. That’s where the Blackstone River and Canal seperate into two part, right after the bridge 🙂 Historic and really pretty.

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  3. Lovely shots. I love your interpretation of pure


    • Water — good water — is such a symbol. And so critical to life on earth. This isn’t pure, entirely because things live and die in the river, but it is very close. The water in our well is actually much closer to pure, minus a few points for iron content.


  4. I bet you could drink that water ( and it would be good) right from the source.


  5. Such appealing shots, Marilyn, especially that last one.



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