Our pingbacks needed a vacation. They were overworked. Tired. Fed up. Weary of being used and never rewarded for their important role in keeping the lines of communications open.

72-cropped-cheshire cat grin

The pingbacks went walkabout. On strike. Gone away. I understand. If I were a pingback, I’d take vacations too. But you are back now.

Please tell your friends, the reblogs, to come home, too? I need them.


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  1. In their never ending quest to change things, WordPress breaks things more often than they fix things.


  2. As a new blogger, I’m with the other dingbat. Oops wingbat. I’m going to figure this out pretty soon.


  3. I can’t reblog either. Most frustrating. Pingbacks or lack thereof are very annoying. Hit and miss affair really


  4. I’m back too, like the pingbacks!


  5. I’m still trying to figure out what a wingback is??

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  6. I noticed that today when I was able to reblog the first Bond article.


  7. I did get a pingback when you linked to my comic. They seem to work fine on my blog (or likely, with my theme), but I always have to approve them from moderation…


  8. Yes, the return of the pingbacks. Perhaps “pingback” may become the word of 2016, along with the “Hashtag”. Yes I was using a Hashtag and it disappeared, but pingedback on the next day. Stop tagging your hash Johnny and put a back on your ping, but don’t forget to wash your hands. There are so many possibilities. Viva el Pingback.


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