He came. He sprayed. And now … we wait for millions of invading aliens to die.


The guy from Turf Technologies says that we get the prize for the worst infestation of property he has ever seen. Anywhere. Is this an honor? Do we get a statuette?

Remember space invaders anyone? The aliens just kept coming. You kept shooting, but there were always more, and more, and more. It’s like that.

He sprayed everything — the shed, the house, the deck, the cars, the foundation. It should take an hour or so for them to start dying by the millions and then, I need my son — who is big and strong enough to manage the leaf blower — to clear the rubble away. After work.


This isn’t going to end the siege — though every little bit helps — because they are in the trees, the shrubs, cars, deck, railings, and ground. I hope this will enable us to come and go without being covered with them. Even that little would help.

During my 5 minute conversation with Chris — me in the front door and he by his truck halfway up the driveway — I had to keep a broom in my hand as the army of the hairy and hungry tried to invade the house, falling on me, and into the doorway. It’s mind-boggling.


I took some pictures through the screen door on the porch. Even with the reduced sharpness caused by the screen, if you look, you can see them on the branches and beams.

I get the feeling that Mother Nature is pissed off. I can understand it … but why us? We’ve been good.

Cross your fingers! Lets hope this works! ‘Cause if it doesn’t, I don’t know what more we can do.



Vis-a-vis the horror in Orlando, I’ve listened to all the explanations by the FBI. How it isn’t their fault, there was nothing they could do. It was too difficult to keep track of this guy.


I don’t believe it. Sorry, just don’t. Between the FBI, Homeland, and ATF … and I’m sure there are more agencies I’m forgetting … there should be more than sufficient resources to keep track of obviously suspicious and potentially dangerous people. They seem eager to harass completely harmless citizens, so maybe they need to redirect their attention to actual threats. Just saying.

Moving to the endlessly debated yet never implemented subject of gun control: I understand making sensible gun laws is far too complex for our elected representatives (that is to say, politicians), to address. All the money they get from gun lobbies is muddling their brains.

So … how about this?

no fly no buy shooting

No fly? No buy.

Every registered gun dealer, and any other place licensed to sell guns in this country, gets the list and timely updates. Just like the airlines.

If your name is on the list, you cannot legally buy a gun. Period.

If you are too dangerous to be a passenger on an airplane, you are too dangerous to buy guns.

Surely we have sufficient technology to make this work? All you need is the mailing list and some kind of computer. A printer would help, too.

It won’t solve every gun-related problem, but it could prevent a few tragedies here and there. That’s better than the nothing we seem intent on doing.


Even the dogs don’t want to go outside. Hard to argue with them. The weather is cool and bright and normally, they’d be outside romping and barking, but instead, they are lolling around the living room. It could be that it has risen to the level of moping.


The invasion of the caterpillars from hell is ongoing. I’ve been refusing to go out, but today I have a doctor appointment. No choice. I have to go out, but I don’t have to like it. My summer is being stolen. By caterpillars.


I got some nice shots of the fuchsia last week. I wanted to see how close my 25mm lens will shoot and the answer is, pretty close. Not quite macros, but close.


Losing a summer is a big deal. No one gets an unlimited number of summers. Every summer is important. Sad to lose one.



from PhoTrablogger

It’s still a horror show outside and I’m stuck in the house until the world stops tilting at this weird angle. Life has become surreal. Taking out the trash, or opening the door to call the dogs … or collecting the mail, grabbing a package … suddenly all these mundane things are adventures into a world full of alien invaders. However bad it was the last time I wrote about it? It’s much worse now. It’s kind of unbelievably bad. The ground looks like it’s moving. It is literally a carpet of writhing, hairy caterpillars.

In a few weeks, those ugly caterpillars will be equally horrible moths. They won’t eat the trees anymore, but there won’t be anything left to eat by then anyway. The oaks and birch are bare. The maples are disappearing. The pines, stripped of their needles, will die. Conifers don’t recover from defoliation.

No more rhododendrons. I hope the local farmers are able to save some of the orchards. This is prime apple country, usually … but not this year. I doubt we’ll have any corn or tomatoes, either.

In addition to the nightmare quality and defoliation of our woods, this is an economic disaster for farmers.

And now, some corn … and corn maidens. In honor of lost summers, with hopes for summers to come.