When Leslie proposed this project to me, I wasn’t exactly sure how it would work out. It was (then) early for Father’s Day but the song “Tribute to Clarence” by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Osaka Time in iTunes, was written for her father, Clarence. They had an organ at home — at one point, even a pipe organ (I’m so envious — I love the sound of those pipes).

And, since today actually IS Father’s Day, why not run it now?

Leslie’s father built a special room to house the pipes. When he played that organ the house rocked! Clarence had two loves in life: music and his dogs. It was at the “dogs” that I came in because I have pictures of dogs, probably because we have three dogs now and have as many as five in the recent past. If we took in all the dogs offered to us, we’d have to register as a shelter.

A fine piece of original jazz! The dog is Leslie’s “grand-dog.” The man playing the organ is indeed the aforementioned Clarence, Leslie’s dad. Enjoy!!

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  1. Nice one!! I have been trying to put together my own original music, raw recorded album…pretty difficult but sure it’s creatively fun 🙂 here’s the kind of stuff I write if you fancy having a listen? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hIsSziNrC0


  2. Thanks for getting our song out there Marilyn. Great timing, I’m a bit late, but better late than never.
    Hope you rea both having a great weekend. It is very warm here.


  3. For some reason or other that comment was not working this one isn’t either. I see I am on the phone as my laptop is still dead and it is not giving me enough space to see what I am typing LOL. Anyway I saved that peice and put it in my favorites list that I play whenever I’m doing dishes Etc. But without my laptop I have missed a lot of things and one is I don’t know who Leslie and Clarence are shame shame on me and I am sorry. So who are they? Have missed you on New Frontier Garry…. did you get tired of the quizzes or something. You know so many answers. Or maybe you got tired of my teaching facts about the stock company xcetera. Let me know anyway. Somebody must be liking it because we are getting a bunch of likes every day now period just a few days ago we reached 4000 and I think we are close to adding another hundred now. Of course no matter how long we go we will never come even close 2 Marilyn and your site. Anyway once again really enjoyed what you put together and had a blast watching all the dogs come up. Should have a new laptop or I should say used laptop shortly. It has been a very long 3 or 4 months. And it is very difficult to get things right on dictation on this phone LOL. Hugs to you both and all your family. Keith


    • Leslie (swo8) is a painter, musician, mom, and blogger. She lives with her family in Montreal.


      She is a good friend and a frequent commenter. She wrote and produced the music … and the video. All I did was contribute some pictures, so I’m getting rather more credit here than I deserve 🙂


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