Wales 011

Overwhelmed by a pervasive sense of unreality, I was barely surprised to see the door.  No ordinary door, but clearly a door to another time or dimension. Because in all the books I read, there’s always a door suddenly appearing and on the other side, it’s another time, another place, another world … and it’s always exciting.

Except when it’s 1347 and you arrive in England along with the Black Death. Ouch. That would be really depressing. And quite possibly … final.

So … do I go through the door? Just stand here like a wuss and prove how completely cowardly and indecisive I really am? Maybe I should go home first to gather supplies. Stop by the doctor, get inoculated against plague … they have that now, I hear. Take a supply of medication like broad spectrum antibiotics.

And bottled water.

Plus, a horse and cart. That would be useful, a horse. Especially the cart. I don’t suppose a cell phone would help much …

Then, the door was gone. Oh well. Missed it again. Next time I’ll be ready.



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    • I think I fell in love with fantasy from Zelazny’s Amber series. I remember when they came out, everyone I knew was reading them at the same time. We all expected to be in a different shadow of Amber each time we rode an escalator 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the story. I think I’m too old these days to step through those doors into other worlds.

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      • I fell in love with fantasy after I read The Lord of the Rings, but Zelazny’s Amber series made me view the genre from a completely different perspective. I’m forever grateful to him for that, and for the fact that his writing inspired me to experiment more in my works.
        I don’t think one can be ‘too old’ for this, it’s all in the way you perceive yourself=)


        • Actually, it’s more a matter of how much medical support you need. The idea of traveling through time or dimensions — and not having access to medications I need to keep my heart pumping isn’t attractive. This was not always so, but life trudges on. If we don’t die young, we get old. Which is, despite the inconveniences, a better option than the “dead and buried” alternative.

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  3. It’s quite a door for sure. But another part of the story is that they don’t make wood like that anymore.

    Did you know that there are cases of plague in the southwest US every year? Quite treatable if the doctor has the imagination to diagnose it.


    • It’s Sue Vincent’s door. My words 🙂 But y’know, I read a LOT of sci fi and fantasy … and there’s ALWAYS a door. So … I thought … what would I really do if the door showed up for me? Right now? Uh … um … wait a minute … I have to think about this …


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