This is as iconic a view of Boston as there is. Taken from the top of the tallest building on State Street, overlooking the harbor, Custom House, Logan airport, and East Boston across the harbor.

Taken using my not-very-good cell phone because I didn’t have a camera. Through a window. Nonetheless, a view worth preserving.


The buildings change as time goes on, yet I’m sure Sam Adams and the other revolutionaries would easily recognize this view. It is Boston. Totally, absolutely Boston.

Black & White Sunday: Always there

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  1. Careful using that smartphone for photos… 🙂


    • I don’t like using it, really. It’s not very good, but given that it was the only thing I had with me, I wasn’t going to let that incredible view get away without capturing it. Everyone was taking pictures, but they didn’t seem to know they should turn off the flash, so their pictures probably didn’t come out. The glass and reflections were a big problem, but they probably would have been a problem even if I’d had a real camera. Who knew the wedding reception would be in the building with the best view of Boston Harbor in the city? I’d have brought the Q 🙂


  2. Look at that old clock – what a gem!


  3. Hey lady, I love the new look on the blog., Did you change the theme or just the banner photo? In right hands even cell phone will give amazing results. Thank you, Marilyn for playing.


    • Thank you. I’ve done both. I wanted a theme that showed pictures using more of the screen. I’m not in love with its text handling, but I can work around that. It displays photographs well. Thank you for noticing! I’ve been changing the banner regularly. This one isn’t my favorite, but at least it’s seasonally correct 🙂

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