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Our dogs always know what time it is. In their world, there’s a time (many times) to bark, a time to eat. A time (many times) to sleep. They know when we are going to feed them and in case we might have forgotten, they remind us energetically that it’s time for dinner and why are we lolling about when they are starving. Poor babies!

Dogs don’t need clocks.

We do. Or we think we do, which is probably the same thing.

Maybe if we didn’t have clocks, we would know what time it is without them. After all, for a very long time there were few, if any clocks … especially in rural areas where most folk lived. Yet they knew when it was time to milk, time to weed, hoe, gather, and come in from the field. And when to rise in the morning.

Maybe we only need clocks in the city, or if we are detached from nature. Maybe if we’re in touch with the earth and the light of the sun … time just flows.

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  1. Great photos. I should have tried to find my photos of Big Ben, but they are somewhere, anywhere but where I can find them in a timely fashion.


  2. In all our travels there were two main essentials, a clock tower and a bell tower to warn for fires and other problems. In every city in China, and everywhere else I can think of, there was a clock tower. I love your photos, Marilyn. Time is important and for some people in many countries, it may be the only access to the time that they have.


    • Since I stopped wearing a watch a couple of years ago, I find myself depending on public clocks, too. Until I started looking for them, I hadn’t realized how many there are. Everywhere there are clocks on buildings. Standing alone. On churches. Wherever you see a tower, there’s almost always a clock. Time is very important to people everywhere, I guess.

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  3. But without clocks, how could we experience the twice a year joy of trying to adjust to Daylight Savings Time!?!?! it just wouldn’t be any fun to not have to fool ourselves about what time it is…

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  4. The last one with the clock tower and the harbor in the background.., that’s the one! What a great shot.


    • That is “original Boston.” That’s the only part of Boston that was solid ground in 1776. The rest of the city was a series of giant landfill projects. None of it existed except for the area around the harbor and Beacon Hill.


  5. Wonderful clocks, Marilyn. Our dog also doesn’t need a clock, but we have several around the have for us. Thanks for joining the challenge!


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