Let us, for a brief moment, consider the subject of … socks.


Yup. Socks.

I have, throughout my life, suffered from cold feet. Not figuratively. In the fully literal meaning of the words, my feet are always cold. Even when the rest of me is warm enough, my feet are cold. They used to tell me it was poor circulation and, it turned out, they — all of them — were right. It was and is.

I have tried furry slippers, and slipper socks. I have Uggs for the winter. But in the end, what works for me and makes my feet happy … are socks. I don’t wear any old tube socks. No “12 pair for one low price” specials for me.

I like making a footwear statement. These are my favorites.


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  1. Your socks come with built in shoes! How cool is that!! Happy feet!


  2. Socks that look like shoes. Now there’s a stroke of genius .


  3. I wish there was a way to put a photo in the Reply Box…is there?? I have an obscene collection of socks!! LOVE yours!!!


  4. I thought you would have referred to them as sox…


    • I get a headache thinking about THOSE SOX. Even when they win, their lack of pitching takes the sweetness away. They really need to do something about the pitching. And now, back to my socks, already in progress.


  5. My husband has graduated to puffy cotton blend socks, lovely thick things. Now and then I appropriate a pair (he has small feet so they fit fairly well on me) and cut the ribbing off to just over the ankle, since I dont like the pressure of a ribbed sock. and they become my go-to footwear in the house and in the yard on dry days. I wear one pair until they start to wear through, and then turn them into dust cloths. lol.

    I do like the sneaker look about yours, though. Just the right ankle length too.


  6. I have constantly cold feet too 😦


  7. Can’t do without them … especially now in winter.


  8. I had to work that one out, but yes they are socks, very imaginative. Otherwise, indoors I never wear socks, stockings or anything like that: just the bare foot in the comfortable shoe. Outside I wear socks in winter with the long trousers. I hate stockings and avoid them where I can – just the feeling of the synthetic stuff.

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    • All our furniture has foot rests and I hate the feeling of leather against my heels. And with three dogs, barefoot is the brave choice, but not necessarily a wise one. Socks. The compromise.

      I have worn stockings maybe once in the past year? Maybe? Hated them when I worked, can’t abide them at all, now.


    • I rarely wear socks during the summer. Just the bare feet in boat shoes or loafers. Feels so… and good.

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  9. Nice socks!



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