Humans, throughout history, have feared the dark. Our eyes are not well-adapted to seeing in low light levels and we fear what we cannot see. Our hearing is not as acute as our feline and canine companions. Nor can our sense of smell inform us what may be stalking us in the night.


Almost all of our literature that contains night images is — at least — a bit scary.

Yet, in the normal course of things, most of what is “out there” in the dark is pretty much the same stuff that is there by day. It’s not scarier or more dangerous. We just aren’t sure what it is.

dark cemetary

It would seem that the uncertainly — for humans — is the same as frightening. Would anyone like to take a shot at why this is so? Does it go back to caves and lurking saber-toothed tigers? Or is in buried deep in our DNA.


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  1. My night vision is atrocious so my fear of the dark is really fear of tripping and falling over something I can’t see or of getting lost in an unlit area. Night itself I don’t find especially frightening..


  2. I think we’d all benefit from speaking with a blind person.., even better, having a friend who is blind. I was lucky to have such a friend in one of my student helpers at ASU. She liked me and I liked her and I know she based it on who I was and not what I looked like or how old. Believe me it was a refreshing experience. Her being blind actually resulted in her experiencing things we sighted folk often miss. She attempted to point things out to me so I would take notice. The great thing was that she had no fear of the dark as it was the only way she’d ever known. Sadly she suffered more problems, health wise, but her positive spirit was amazing. I miss her…


    • I was thinking about that when I was writing this. I’ve known a couple of blind people over the years and more than a few deaf ones. I don’t think being blind is like living in the dark. It’s just … a different world. I can’t imagine it, though, not for me. I’m so visual and my other senses are not all that great.


  3. Well I nearly died laughing at the first two comments. Can’t beat that.


  4. I grew up in a rough neighbourhood, but growing up there I never really noticed it. London was well illuminated and I never had fear of the dark. My late night dark days are now gone in any case.

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  5. I have always liked the dark more than the light. I am not sure why that is the case.

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    • I like the night. What I don’t like is walking on uneven terrain in the dark. The darkness itself has its charms. It covers up so much of the imperfections of the daytime world. Softens all the edges.


  6. The thing I”m most afraid of in the dark is stepping off of a cliff or ridge and falling into a hole or something. That’s why I tend not to wander around at night. ^_^ You never know when a sinkhole might open up in front of you.

    It’s a weird fear. I know.

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    • No so weird. When I lived in Jerusalem, a buried cistern opened up in our backyard and nearly swallowed my ex. Come to think of it, that would have solved a lot of problems.

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    • NOT weird, at all!! Where we live, “the country”, there’s always a chance of stepping into a hole. If we’re going out or returning home at night, I make sure to turn on the driveway lights. We have a very long, down sloping driveway with holes in various places. The older we get, the more careful we are about precarious road surfaces.

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      • I hear ya. We’ve got all kinds of potholes in our driveway too. We’re looking at getting that patched up this month some time.


        • We were looking to get it repaved, but then we got estimates. We went with keeping the potholes. It’s a big driveway … or at least, a long one. And they need to take off the old asphalt before laying down new stuff (I’d settle for cheap and dirty, but no one is willing to do it that way). Big $$$. We’ve settled for patching holes and being very careful.


          • We’re just going to throw gravel on ours for now. We won’t actually repave it until we rebuild the house, and that will be a few years down the road. Graveling will do the trick for a year or so.



  1. ‘Your experience? A billionth of my own’ | Ramisa the Authoress

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