The ladies at the supermarket were puzzled. Why flowers? Was today his wife’s birthday? Anniversary? Did we have a fight?


“No, no, and no,” Garry assured them. He just thought flowers are nice and he should bring home a bouquet. I could have told them he does this almost every week. Just because.


No matter what he said, the ladies were sure there was another, secret reason. To which I say, “Print the legend.”


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  1. So very beautiful. They could be a painting. 😀


  2. Definitely a keeper. Beautiful flowers Garry

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  3. I think that is a wonderful gesture of love. Peter would bring me flowers that he had picked from the wild or from someone else’s garden. Now he just roams around our garden. (a little less confrontational with the neighbours)

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  4. Like Bonnie Raitt says: “Let’s give ’em something to talk about.”

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  5. ooooh pretty. Let ’em wonder, lol.

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