Well, maybe not the devil, but for those of us with a macro lens or two in amongst our lenses, detail is where the fun is.


I now have two macro lenses, the Olympus 60mm f2.8 which doubles as a long portrait lens, and a 12-50mm f2.8 “normal” that has a macro “button.” The lens converts from normal to macro, but it has a mind of its own about what the focus point is. It’s not like any other lens I’ve ever used.

You frame the shot, but unless you have the camera on full manual, it manages the fine focusing.  Probably better than I could. Auto-focus is a saving grace for aging eyes.


It will work as a macro throughout its range with the push of a button. Not quite as tight the 60mm, but close enough for the devil.


I participate in WordPress' Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

21 thoughts on “THE DEVIL’S IN THE DETAILS

  1. The fuschia, one of my favourite flowers, which others grow profusely but I kill regularly and at the price they are today I doubt I’ll buy any more. A fern, that’s it, I need a fern. wink wink.


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  6. I need a macro lens. Of course, first I should probably get a camera that actually uses different lenses. Maybe if I don’t find myself unemployed, I could go out and get one. Something to look forward to.


    • Some “all in one” cameras have macros built in. It isn’t quite like a separate lens, but most of the Lumix (Panasonic) line have a macro function. Some have a setting, others have a button, and quite a few (including my camera) will automatically set to macro when you get close to something. You don’t necessarily need to go all in with camera buying.


      • Mine has a zoom lens and some other settings which allegedly focus on the subject and not the background, but now that I’m really into photography (more or less), I’ve become dissatisfied with it. If I ever find myself with a little extra cash, I intend to look for something better.


        • Warning, warning, warning. Addictive hobby alert! You have NO IDEA how much money you can spend on equipment, software, bags, more equipment. You start off with a camera and suddenly … well … It’s like potato chips. But a lot more expensive.

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