I spent a day and a night in mortal combat with my computer. It wasn’t my computer’s fault. It was some update that caused something else to malfunction. Like a house of cards, it just went down and stayed down. Wouldn’t boot, wouldn’t tell me what the problem was. Finally, I managed to grab the last few digits of the blue-screen message and determined the area of the problem was graphics, coaxed the computer into backing up to a time before the “update,” and everything began to settle down.

As I near the end of the “free installation” period for Windows 10, Microsoft has become ever more strident in its determination to install it, including trying to install it without my permission.

windows 10

Which doesn’t work. It just errors out and makes a mess. This computer with its fancy shmantzy graphics card doesn’t run properly with Windows 10. It slows to a crawl, loses it’s file structure. I’ve attempted to install it four times and gotten fatal errors. It either crashed and would not recover, or it recovered, but was inoperable after a reboot. Enough being enough, I decided I’m fine with Windows 7.

I’ll be glad when the “free installation” period is over and I can stop worrying about sneak attacks on my operating system.

Technically, nothing can install without my permission. My settings decree I have to start an update before anything installs. But Microsoft seems to have found a way around my settings. To keep my computer working the way I want it, I turn it OFF unless I am sitting in front of it. This is inconvenient, but not as inconvenient as having Windows 10 trying to install itself while I am in the shower.

I’m hoping I’ve got it back on track now. These wrestling matches with the operating system are no fun and I absolutely do not want to have to replace this computer. Not only do I not have the money, but I’m happy with this computer. I don’t want the hassles that go with setting up a new one — especially using a different operating system.

I think I’m back. So far, so good.

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  1. I often find that it is the updates that mess you up.


  2. The first part of this post brought to mind Howard Cossell’s voice shouting “Down goes Frazier”


  3. We switched from XP which I loved, to Win7 a few years back just before the door slammed shut on it. Microsoft desperately wants people to upload (or is it download) 10, and you have to be awfully careful when getting those stupid updates from them that they don’t sneak in a check box that asks if you want 10 (not checked off) and if you do ignore that little box and DONT check it (which means NO) you start to see the download start. It’s the equivalent of the old “is this the first time you beat your wife answer yes or no”…
    I despise those updates and so I never take them now. They fill up the computer, most of them are utterly irrelevant to Win7, and they also take entirely too much time to muck about with. Plus you have to watch them to make sure you don’t miss the dreaded Win10 invitation. If you dont hit the “no” button it assumes.

    We have the Windows AVG for viruses and it’s easy, unobtrusive, and I trust it. We gave up on Norton when it became so bloated and complicated I couldnt deal with it. I have a suspicion it wasnt catching anything, since much of it was incomprehensible and seemed to be written in reverse English. I also like Spybot (which has a free version) and it checks on the smaller stuff like adware and potential problems. Easily customizable, and it’s a nice extra to go with your regular Antivirus stuff. I would guess that the problem could be Norton itself, not your computer. Thank goodness for backups.


    • XP was a very good OS. They could have just kept IT and I would have been a happy camper. Win7 is also good … I really don’t need or want another operating system.

      I don’t know how they get past the computer settings which forbid them to do anything without permission. makes you wonder. I use Spybot once in a while as a system checkup … but I have Windows free antivirus program install and have been using it for years. It’s seamless and I’ve had no problems with it from day one.


  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if your graphics card manufacturer has released a pre-Windows-10-upgrade patch. Might be worth looking if you were wiling to try one last time 🙂


    • They did and I tried it. But it didn’t work well with my (older) DVD version of Photoshop (CE6) (or at ALL with OnOne) on which I depend. I’ve been dodging and weaving around having to “subscribe” to Adobe’s newer Photoshop for at least two years and I hope I can avoid it forever. I use very little of Photoshop’s native tools anyhow. Mostly I use it as a platform for various filters and add-ons.


  5. This happened to me this week when my husband went to update Norton’s. It was downhill from there. He backed up my computer to before the update, too. He is going to reinstall Norton because I have nothing now, but he cannot figure out what in the heck went wrong. And he is a computer tech so, Houston, we have a problem.


    • I abandoned Norton years ago. Too intrusive and frequently, destructive. I think it did more damage than the viruses it claimed to eliminate. The free virus software from Microsoft is non-intrusive and it works really well. Updates in the background. I’ve been using it for more than five years and never had a problem with it. One of the really GOOD things Microsoft has done.

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  6. I think I’m happy with Windows 10 is actually a pain in the butt. :3

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  7. I was one of the lucky ones probably. I had bought a new computer – an apple. My old Acer was suffering from old age and I decided to plunge in and also buy a new Acer with Windows 10, so I did not have to update. With both I am very satisfied, I once had a problem with a Microsoft update, I could not get into my normal Windows programmes. We have a guy that helps us, so I called him. It was just a matter of pressing on the on-off switch until the computer died and a reboot and since no problem. He didn’t even charge for the telephone help. Mr. Swiss did forget his Apple password for his itunes, which was a big problem. I do not do music on my computer – he does. Anyhow even that was solved after a few crisis situations.


  8. This has happened to me over and over with Microsoft/ Outlook and Hotmail/Skype and Facebook. Microsoft wants to merge with everything and finally did it without my permission.. Now when it asks for a password,I never know which one it wants and it seems not to want any of my recorded ones. The tech help suggested I record my passwords and I revealed to her that in fact I have three single-spaced pages of up to date passwords..but when two different programs are referred to and they ask for a password.. how are you to know which one? Invariably, I give the long one and then they demand I prove my identity. During this process yesterday I was asked to provide two past passwords for the program. What??? now I have to remember old passwords as well? They also asked me the zip code of the place I lived when I first subscribed to Hotmail. Since I’ve had 6 different zipcodes since I first got a computer and since I also don’t have the foggiest idea where I was living when I first switched over to hotmail and since I can’t even remember my present zip code, the chances were slim that I would stumble upon the correct one. Yes. I have taken up swearing. Vile, terrible, embarrassing names I would be embarrassed to say in front of any but my most intimate companions..but neighbors have probably heard this lingo recently, for I have not held back in volume. I simply hate Microsoft. There. said politely, but since we are friends, perhaps YOU WON’T MIND IF I SHOUT IT!!!!!

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    • For what it’s worth, which is not much I admit, Apple did the same thing to me when I tried to set up an iPad. I had Apple products years ago, so they wanted me to reconnect with this ancient account that I can’t remember. At all. Complete blank. They would not let me create a new account, so I spent an insane number of hours trying to get it to let me reset the passwords … like five different ones. Eventually I decided didn’t need an iPad and gave it to my granddaughter … and bought this Kindle.

      I hate ALL of them. A lot. I also really hate Adobe. And I’m beginning to hate Google, too.


    • I hear that panic. Google does that to me, I have two passwords, for two different emails. I live in terror that i will be asked which one. I can no longer remember, but by god I have them both written down. somewhere…
      when you answer incorrectly the entire Google universe frowns and apparently wipes your name from its memory banks, like a cranky headmaster, and you have to draw blood and send them bits of your left arm to prove that its really you.
      Yahoo is in the process of updating itself once again too, and keeps modifying everything as a suprise for it’s terminally surprised customers. No one likes the changes, no matter how many times they tell us we do, and then slowly everything returns to normal but they dont let us know that. I have six Yahoo IDs and only use two. The others are slowly being closed out by Yahoo. Sometimes they drop by and tell me that I need to give them my mobile phone number so they can ‘verify”. I would have to buy one first. No.

      I dislike Microsoft but the alternative is no better. At least I know where the buttons are, if not how to use them.

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      • This is my problem as well. The email I gave Hotmail (now extended to Outlook and Microsoft by proxy) is one I haven’t used for so long that Yahoo closed it out.. and I can’t reopen it because my Hotmail account was given to verify it and I was closed out of my Hotmail account as well. I’m back on Hotmail but scared to death to even try to access the Yahoo. Plus I have two Yahoo accounts that begin with the same letters and Hotmail only gives me the first three letters of the Yahoo account so I don’t know for sure which one is the verifying account. On and on and on and tech help when I finally found it after two years of this merry-go-round just told be I should write down my passwords. The cyber zoo!!!


        • At one point, I discovered they had one of my old EarthLink email addresses embedded. EarthLink is long defunct. And then there was the day my cable provider changed the format for passwords but didn’t tell me. The only people all this so-called security protects against are us.

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          • I absolutely agree and no way to find a person to protest to. I had to give my sister’s number as my security number to deal with them in the states, now can’t change it for a month. Tech help when I finally found one said just to have them give security code to sister and to call her to get it, then send to them! When I used forgottenman’s to have security code sent and used it, they then accused him of being an unauthorized computer and sent him two pages of security questions about me that even I didn’t know the answers to.. and I was at a hotel computer in Denver!! Never occurs to them that we travel? I should give up and give them a text number but by then my Mexican iphone wasn’t working in the states even though I paid extra for it to work in U.S. Candada and Mexico. Labor saving devices? Really???


      • I live in terror of what Google could do to me with one small glitch. My life on earth as I know it would end. For that matter, WordPress now owns a good piece of me, too. They all own a piece. The more involved you get in the virtual world, the more fragile life is. One broken link and the life disappears. Yikes.


      • Google keeps changing stuff without any warning. Just when i think I know what’s going on, i discover I don’t. They are seriously pissing me off … except on a lot of levels, they are the only game in town. Damn damn damn. And don’t get me started about Yahoo.


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