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INTRODUCTION by Marilyn Armstrong

Let me begin by saying I am not the author of this article, but it’s a good one and I’m happy to publish it. Not only is it unusual for me to publish an article by someone who isn’t “on the staff” so to speak of Serendipity, I’ve actually never done it before.

This election has me worried at a deep level. Donald Trump is a dangerous demagogue with all the symptoms of a nascent Adolf Hitler. There. I’ve said it. What so many people I know are thinking, but we don’t want to say it out loud lest we somehow jinx ourselves.

Our silence is a jinx. All by itself. Our lack of involvement has consequences.

For those who still believe their vote does not count, you’re wrong. It counts. Bush got to be president in 2000 by a “margin” (arguably, he actually lost the election) of 547 votes out of millions. If 700 Democrats who didn’t bother to vote had instead gone to the polls in Florida, history would be different.

Do not sit this one out.

These racists and haters — even while they are spouting words that may ring sort of true in an angular way — are wrong. The problems of this country are not because of the non-white or immigrant population, nor because everyone isn’t a white Christian. These people feel disenfranchised because they cannot believe that merely being white and Christian isn’t enough to make them superior and powerful. They are racists, bigots, and a lot of them are, to put it in very simple terms, incredibly stupid.

Don’t be one of them. You can read the full article at by clicking this LINK. Following this section, there’s jump link to the second part of the article on the actual odds of who is going to win what in the upcoming general election. These numbers scare the pants off me and if you aren’t scared, maybe you haven’t given it enough thought.

GOP convention 2016 hall-2


It’s a shotgun marriage, this odd relationship between Donald Trump and the Republican Party that he now calls his own. Can it hold together for another four months, long enough to reach the November finish line and accomplish the only real goal that the party has, namely, defeat Hillary Clinton?

Trump’s new significant others (Republicans) have signed on, and they don’t really seem all that interested in exactly what Trump would do as president, or how he would do it. Details, they have been told, are for losers. Policy, in some form or another, will come later, as soon as the Evil Beast has been vanquished. No one wants to talk about the nuts and bolts of raising the minimum wage, how to grow the economy, pay down the debt, or even be told how ISIS would be defeated. They already know that Donald Trump will do the right thing, because — well, because Hillary Clinton would do the wrong thing.

Besides, when Trump does talk specifics, he doesn’t feel the need to hold his line.

  • He won primaries by promising to keep Muslims out of the country, but has modified that stance three times since then.
  • He said he would force the military to torture and kill the families of suspected terrorists, then changed his mind less than 24 hours later.
  • He said he would self-fund his campaign, but has accepted donations via his website and, in an apparent violation of U.S. law, has solicited help from government officials abroad.
  • He has had four different positions on whether the federal minimum wage should be raised and changed his mind three times in the same day when asked about abortion.

Yet Trump still has a puncher’s chance at becoming the next president of the United States and leader of the free world. After all, much of what he’s doing is an embodiment of Richard Nixon’s famous advice to Republicans: run hard to the right in the primaries, then steer back to the center for the general election.

Bush 41 and Bush 43 both took the advice to heart and won. However, Mitt Romney twisted himself into a pretzel doing it, and was soundly defeated. Now it’s Trump’s turn to explain to the American public why he might not do the ultra-conservative things he’s heretofore promised.

“Everything is negotiable,” Trump recently said in an interview with the New York Times. That explanation will be good enough for people already leaning to the right, but what about the truly undecided?

For independents, this general election is a nightmare, forced to decide between the caricature that is Donald Trump and the seemingly robotic duplicity of Hillary Clinton. But it’s a choice that must be made. After all, it’s a two-party system, right? No third-party candidate could garner enough votes to impact the outcome.

Or could they?

As the Republican National Convention draws to a close and the Democrats get ready for their quadrennial coronation, I look at the odds for all the meaty questions leading up to the general election.
Let’s start with the big one …

Presidential Election Odds (and more)

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13 replies

  1. Trump as President is a pretty scary thought even from this far away. Between us electing the same right wing government again, Brexit and your election I really am starting to feel pessimistic about voters having any common sense at all.


  2. We’ll be praying for you in Canada with open doors.


  3. WOW! WOW! Somewhere I’ve seen this before.., something about The “AntiChrist.” was it Nostradamus or Edgar Case.., or was it in Revelations. I know I’ve read about it. A charismatic leader will appear who will proclaim to solve all the nation’s/world’s problems but will turn out to be the most evil person to inhabit the earth. Is this possible..,even more evil that Adolf Hitler? Why then, when we seem to have clues as to this person’s identity constantly thrown in our face do we continue to ignore the signs?

    I’m NOT a religious person but I have read a lot about prophets and it seems that the proof of a prophesy is if it comes true. Even killing the prophet, often done in the past, will not change this so I ask.., do we have to wait until this actually happens to see where we made a BIG mistake? I don’t even want to try and predict who this evil one is.., so I’m just saying’.


  4. I’ve been trying to not jump into the middle of the inferno that is 2016 American politics … but I think the time for waiting has ended and the time to take a stand has arrived.

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    • Random thoughts

      For my husband, Trump can do no wrong. But, then again, he also thought Dubya was pretty swell, too. He’s a very bright man in all other aspects of his life–Intelligence, obviously, has little part in the system.

      I dont believe in the “throwing your vote away” ethic, never have. You vote for the person you vote for. Otherwise if the guy you hate but voted for because you hate them less than the one you voted against, then it’s partly your fault if he gets elected. Or something similar.

      Right now I have no idea who to vote for. Neither candidate appeals, both of them terrify me as to running a country, although Clinton at least has had practice.

      Someone elsewhere said that he has the feeling that Trump doesnt give a rat’s ass about running the country, only about winning the election, and could very well abdicate to allow his VP to be the ‘real’ president. I find that even scarier, since he has always struck me as not caring much what comes after the election. No policies, no plans expressed, and a LOT of mind changing along the way.

      It would help a great deal if one of them put their foot in the cowpat, making the decision much easier. This election is beginning to shape up as (possibly) one of the least attended (or most attended) elections in history.

      And I have always had a terribly strong sense that if Trump does get elected, for whatever reasons, he will never finish out his term. He’s too much a visible and controversial character, too arrogant to protect himself physically, beyond bodyguards (which are not built to withstand speeding bullets from the gallery) and crowd control.

      The only good thing at this point about Trump is that his presence has kept Ted Cruz off the ticket. =)


      • A very sad state of affairs. I suppose it’s easier for Garry and I insofar as we like Hillary. She has run a pitiful campaign and picked a totally safe, traditional — unexciting — VP. I’d have liked to see Elizabeth Warren. A more daring choice, but what a fighter she is!

        I would have voted for Hillary anyway, but I wish she was better at presenting herself. Maybe she’ll get better. Maybe this election isn’t as dangerous as it seems. Maybe. But somehow, my gut says otherwise.


    • Kudos to Erin Young!!
      The message is clear!! However angry you may be at the state of our union, you MUST get out and vote.
      Vote with your brain!!!


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