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  1. I am sharing this on FB because I want my daughter to read it and learn from it.


  2. Competence and excellence intimidates. You were not brought up wrong, Marilyn and you are strong enough to take the flack. Your competence and excellence makes this a better world.

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  3. Have found this to be SO very true. Funny, it applies not in the work world, but in personal life and, for me, in my attempts at getting treatment for everything from a common cold to mental illness. Heaven forbid you have more work experience or knowledge of something than your doctor/nurse/social worker/support worker, or the like. I run into that all the time, and it really does set a professional off when his/her patient is more familiar with the ins and outs of his/her expertise than he/she is.

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    • Ain’t that the truth! I have a new doctor. He’s young. He’s cute. He’s inexperienced. He needs to learn that his patients can be trusted. It’s frustrating, breaking in a new doctor. I think he’s teachable. I guess I’ll find out.


  4. I agree completely. I never made it to the top, did not really want to, but suffered a lot of disappointment. One day a new girl joined, she was ok, she was clever, but not the best. When you have an end of year talk with someone old enough to be your daughter, it is degrading. she moved on to a better job and my job became boring. I was glad to go eventually, although could go with my head held up.

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    • I was a kid when I started working. By the time I stopped, I was older than the guys who owned the place … and they were set for retirement. These days, they really prefer mediocrity. Not rocking the boat is way more important than excellence. I can’t work that way. I really don’t fit in at all anymore. SO glad I’m not in it anymore.


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