I want to go on record as saying that shooting pictures of black dogs in a low-light living room is hard. Especially when the dogs don’t coöperate. To be fair, even with full coöperation, they are always difficult to shoot … even in good light.

Two Scotties in antique colors

Bonnie & Gibbs

They have eyes. Sometimes I can’t find them, but I know they are in there.

Both Bonnie and Gibbs are scheduled for a proper grooming next week. In the meantime, these are two funky terriers. They do not smell quite as bad as they look, though Bonnie is definitely on the ripe side. I’ll try taking more pictures after their trip to the salon — later today.



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11 replies

  1. I really do like that first photo, though.


  2. Gibbs has a soul. You can see it in his eyes in the last photo, but he does need a trim.


  3. It didn’t even occur to me when you first brought Gibbs into the household, but I’ll bet someone at the salon will eventually ask why you didn’t name him Clyde. Can’t wait to see the results when they’re ready for their close up…


  4. But they look so sweet. At least someone can do the job for you with no problem.Our Nera feline had to be put asleep for the big grooming session as she would get a little aggressive.


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