Grooming day! Time to take the fur-people to Furry Friends Grooming and Social Club. Do not be deceived by the humble exterior. This is a class act.


Gibbs has never learned to walk on a leash, so if you put a leash on him, he just locks all four legs. You have to drag and coax him. Bonnie has never received any formal training, but she will walk along reasonably nicely anyhow, with occasional twining about your ankles … in case you aren’t paying attention.

We didn’t have to be at the salon until noon, so we were spared our version of “rush hour.” On some level, it’s always rush hour around here. The roads are all two lanes, one in each direction … or less. A slow driver (there are so many!) and road construction (everywhere from March through November) turn even a few cars into a traffic jam.


Whatever they are doing in downtown Uxbridge, it involves heavy equipment with caterpillar treads and massive fork lifts with earth moving scoops. Drains perhaps? New water mains for the town where there is “city water” rather than private wells? They’ve been working on this project for a couple of years. Like most projects in Massachusetts, it promises to go on more or less forever. Garry says when he came to Boston in 1970, they were working on the Mystic River bridge. They are still working on it. That’s 46 years plus however many years they were working on it before Garry moved here. I think this is our state’s answer to unemployment. If you never finish a project, at least a few people will have a job.

But … I digress.

We managed to get both Scotties into the back of the Jeep … a much more comfortable arrangement for all of us compared to previous vehicles. At least they are on a flat surface and cannot decide to help drive the car. Bonnie is a very persistent back seat river and will periodically try to move into the front seat to provide more direct input to whoever is driving — nearly always Garry.

72-Aldrich Street-Summer-Solstice-062116_12

It took us just half an hour to get there. A possible land speed record for getting from Uxbridge through Milford. We delivered the little dogs. Had a conversation about grooming them to look like Scotties and not deformed poodles. Nothing against poodles, but Bonnie and Gibbs are Scottish Terriers. They look silly with plumed tails or tufted ears. Pom-poms do not look well on short-legged terriers.

We settled on modified Scottie clips. I like their faces with eyebrows and beards, but I want everything else shaved close since these guys revel in filth. They don’t appreciate our attempts to change their earthy odor to something more pleasing to human noses. They do the best to return to their previous grungy state as soon as possible.

While we talked, Gibbs carefully marked the room lest some other dog not know he had been there. He also marked Garry’s leg which was a first for Garry. Probably Gibbs, too. I’m pretty sure it was a sign of acceptance, but unreasonably, Garry didn’t like it.

We went home with construction in full gear. The return drive took longer.


Garry hit the shower. I made a sandwich. We both took a breath. The phone rang. Gibbs and Bonnie were finished. Ready for their closeups.


The construction had ended for the day by the time we went back through town which was a gift. I stopped. I bought a lottery scratch ticket — the first time this year — and won $20. That will pay for something. Maybe a trip to MacDonald’s?





They are home. Gibbs survived, though apparently he had prior bad grooming experiences. He freaked out at bath time and subsequently required a two groomer team to keep him from bolting backwards off the grooming table.

I got a couple of pictures of them which are actually (more or less) in focus. You can see their eyes. I swear they know when they look good because Bonnie actually stood still for two nanoseconds while I got one decent head shot.

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  1. Hey, they have eyes!!! That reminds me, I’m about due for my own grooming before my eyes disappear behind my bangs…

    I never thought I’d hear of a construction project like the Mystic River Bridge that would make our simple overpass over a set of annoying train tracks seem rapid by comparison. It took our efficient city ten years to build the damn thing, all while throwing a monkey wrench into traffic at one of the busiest intersections in the city. I have to drive over it to and from work, and it’s the main reason the shocks on my car are about shot…


  2. Love!! Kizz and Lucy have a great groomer, too, and I always really enjoy getting it done. I may get more pleasure from them getting a haircut than myself! Hmmmm.


  3. Much better! Gibbs has lovely eyes. Bonnie still has a bit of hair around the eyes, but by and large a big improvement.


  4. Very smart, and quite the adventure for everyone!

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  5. Glad you made it in one piece, although probably the canines could not have cared less, after all no-one actually asked them if they wanted to go. They now look respectable again, but perhaps they prefer the down to earth doggy appearance, back to nature.I have never been peed on by one of my felines, perhaps they don’t like me. Gary is obviously a favourite with Gibbs.

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    • Garry was once (he reminded me) peed on by a gorilla at the zoo where he was doing a story. I told him it merely shows that even the animals are his fans. “Probably,” he says, “but there’s got to be another way of expressing it.”

      They actually seem quite happy about themselves. They are extra lively since they came home and even for them, really CUTE. A little harder to tell apart at a glance, but Bonnie is shorter-backed and rather rounder 🙂


    • I’m the… DOG FATHER!!


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