It has a been a busy and a-muse-ing day. My son showed up simultaneously with the UPS delivery guy. Then the garden crew arrived too and all kinds of stuff began happening. The front “lawn” got mowed. A new dishwasher is installed. Really, it’s not new, but rather my son’s old dishwasher. It’s new to us and it works, which wasn’t true of the one just removed. And the Turf Tech people are out there spraying for everything.


This sort of thing makes dogs go crazy, barking and running in and out. Any one of these activities is enough to set them off, but all at the same time? Wow.

Bonnie and Gibbs got a little crazy. Okay, actually Bonnie got a little crazy and somewhere in there, she knocked Garry’s 16 oz. cup of fresh coffee … which went flying. It baptized the new area rug. Fortunately, coffee is a good color match and lots worse things have found their way into our carpets.

What with all the cleaning up, Garry figured he might as well run a load of towels. They’re in the dryer. From the loud roaring coming from the basement, I think a new clothes dryer is in our future. I don’t remember when we got this one, but it’s at least 10-years old. It never roared before. Not a good sound for an appliance. Sounds more like a helicopter than a dryer.

nine muses

Table from Wikipedia – Nine Muses

So our muse, the one that live in the middle of a-muse-ment has been a busy little goddess. I wonder which muse she is … the one that keeps life from getting dull? I’m betting on Thalia, the comedy muse.


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  1. Our washing machine used to sound like a helicopter when the ‘load’ got off centre and the machine started to shake itself silly! And the dryer’s bearings squeaked for years – thankfully it was out in the detached Garage so it annoyed the neighbours more than it annoyed us


  2. The dryer has severe arthritis and no AARP coverage


  3. There should be an electric apparatus muse, elctronica, to soothe our nerves when these machines die a slow death at the wrong moment. I am probably one of the only remaining people that actually hang the washing up to dry. As I wash in the evening, it hangs around all night somewhere inside, and if not dry in the morning, arrives outside in the garden in the sun. In winter it dries quicker because of the central heating. I once had a clothes dryer, but did not use it a lot. It devoured electicity to an expensive extent, and I did not even like it. I got rid of it many years ago, and live quite nicely with my washing stand. Ok, I only have the wash for me, Mr. Swiss and No. 1 son, which is not so much.


    • It’s too humid here to do that. Used to do it, though, when I had a nice, big dry basement. Here, there’s no room for a line inside and the weather is too freaky outside. We don’t use the dryer very often anyhow. But for the towels and the few other heavy items, it helps.


  4. I happened to move in to my new home at the same time my sister was ready to throw out her old washer and dryer. I happily accepted them… and despite them seeming to have always been on their last legs, they both continue to work seven years later (It’s my laundry night, so the dryer is banging and heating up the house as we speak)…


  5. I am exhausted just from reading this!!


    • It was a very productive day, but I’m very tired. I’m glad to have a new dishwasher, even though I wonder if we’ll use it. We haven’t had a working one in years and we use so few dishes, it seems more trouble than it’s worth to load it, run it, unload it. But who knows. I may give it a whirl just for old time’s sake 🙂

      I’m also glad the front finally got mowed because it was beginning to look like an abandoned house. And that we got sprayed because I can walk outside without being attacked by a cloud of mosquitoes.

      I am NOT thrilled the clothes dryer croaked. Nothing lasts forever, but it seems just yesterday we got this … but my son assures me it was actually 7 maybe 8 years ago and it got some serious heavy use in between (mostly by HIS family, if you please) … but he’s going to try to find us a second-hand one that won’t cost us a lot of money. Why are dryers so expensive? Gee whiz.

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      • I hate to say it but things are just not made as they used to be right? The dryer that came with our house must have been over 20 years old when it finally gave up for good, the washer too. I’ve had to fix the washer once already within the 7 years we’ve had it, but fixing was still cheaper than buying new. Planned obsolescence!


        • It’s hard to get someone to fix old electric dryers. This was a cheap one in the first place and I’m pretty sure we had the bearing (I’m sure it’s the drum bearing) replaced a few years ago. That cost a couple of hundred dollars, so it’s getting to be a very expensive cheap dryer. If Owen can find us a good used one, fine. If not, I’ll see if the local appliance guy will fix it … or maybe has a second hand one and will replace it. One way or the other, I doubt it will run more than once more before giving up entirely.


  6. Sounds like a very productive day to me.


  7. I was also thinking the muse of comedy for a-muse-ing


  8. Love your title! Really clever! 👏


  9. I learned long ago that the household appliances all talk to each other. If one finds out the homeowner has come into a little extra cash, they all decide they need to be upgraded. We went through this a couple of years back when we had to replace the furnace, the hot water tank, the washer & dryer, and the toaster oven all at the same time.

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  10. It never rains, but it pours. I don’t own a drier. I hang all our washing up outside. Actually here in New Zealand we are encouraged to do that. I just hate it in winter – having to go out in the cold, watch the weather constantly and then it doesn’t dry due to being too cold. But we get through it.


    • In Israel, where we got sunshine regularly, that’s what everyone did including me. But our houses aren’t set up for it. And the weather rarely cooperates. Winter is long, summer is short. A lot of people hang things IN the basement … but we don’t really have the room to do it. Not that kind of house. I wish I could. I loved the smell of clothing dried in the sun.


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