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Our house is set with the bedroom side of the house — which also includes the kitchen and dining room — facing (mostly) east with a nice piece of north.


It’s why we catch the sunrise all through the winter and spring, but later, when the leaf canopy covers the woods and our house, only the shafts of sunlight show as they sneak their way through the branches.


This was a strange year, when the gypsy moth caterpillars defoliated every hardwood tree in our woods. The leaves are back, but a much lighter green than normal this late in the summer.


I love my house in morning light. The brightness of the kitchen. The way sun filters to the deck, casting shadows from the rails.


I participate in WordPress' Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2016



One of the fuchsia just hung there in the air, apparently suspended by nothing at all. Perhaps a piece of spider silk was holding it, but I couldn’t see it and neither could my macro lens.


And, even though I messed around with the plants a bit, dead-heading the old blooms. The current flowers are old, but there are tons of new buds, so it’s good to clean out the old stuff. Make way for the new.



This is the “off time” for flowers in this area. The chrysanthemums and other late summer blooms won’t be up for another week or two and the flowers that bloom twice haven’t set their second round yet. And anyway, I’m a terribly negligent gardener so I’m surprised anything blooms at all.



Flower of the Day – August 5, 2016


The day before yesterday was a day and a half. Maybe more.

I knew my son was coming to mow the lawn, but I didn’t know he was coming with a new (to us, but not “new” new) dishwasher. I didn’t expect UPS to deliver a stack of items that have been hanging fire. Jam for my morning muffins. A new mat for the shower (the old one has turned a funky orange). Shower cleanser and mold removing spray, both of which (my preferred brands, that is) are not available in the local store.


These days, I order it from Walmart central and it gets delivered for free … a great improvement over hunting the aisles of our local Walmart in person.


After the installation, I had to wash the kitchen floor again. Two days in a row is a lot of floor scrubbing. It’s impossible to install an appliance without needing a complete floor wash afterwards. Then I vacuumed again too. Because hauling stuff in and out hauled in a lot of lawn and leaf debris.



Then, realizing it was now or never, I put dinner up in the slow cooker because I had the distinct feeling once I sat down, I would not quickly rise again.

I was right.

I did manage to take a few pictures in the midst of the chaos. For reasons I can’t explain, suddenly my dogs are cooperating and hold still while I take their picture. Gibbs and I had a little disagreement about him marking furniture in the living room. He felt a need to hide. Not very effectively, but pretty funny.

Gibbs in hiding

Gibbs in hiding

I apologize (again) for not visiting all your blogs. I fell behind and then slipped even further today. It was obvious to me I’d never get through the email, much less the blogs. It wasn’t lack of love. I ran out of time. I think tomorrow will be more or less normal. I hope.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Things with Engines or Motors

This isn’t a think with an engine or motor. It is an engine. Without the thing. Or, put another ways, this thing is a steam engine.


My son used to build miniature steam engines. Not “models.” Real antique steam engines. Many of them work. They chug, whistle and make that great steam engine sound. They could be installed in an appropriate vehicle, boat or automobiles.

All of Owen’s engines were originally old and broken and required complete overhaul and restoration.

This little one was a gift for me. It doesn’t work, but it is, nonetheless, a steam engine. And it fits nicely on my mantel.

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