It has been many long years since I craved luxury, if I ever did. My mother used to tell people I didn’t care about “that stuff” … even when I was young. I was surprised that she had noticed because it was true. I wanted things that were interesting and different, but luxury never entered into it.


In this part of my life, we live in a home that is more than enough for our need. It’s a bit too big, really. It contains twice as many rooms as we need and too many stairs. But it’s comfortable (excepting the stairs). It is sufficiently isolated so we can use it as a hideout for two not-s0-sociable people who do not crave close neighbors. A friendly chat by the mailbox is enough.

Stockbridge - Red Lion Inn -- my idea of luxury travel

Stockbridge – Red Lion Inn — my idea of luxury travel

When we travel, I don’t look for luxury, unless you count cleanliness and good mattresses as luxurious (I don’t … I think those are the basics). Anything beyond that is luxury to us. We’ve stayed in some pretty awful place … and then again, lucked into some wonderful, charming places.

In our lives, luxury is almost never even a part of the goal. We want a car that runs, and will run even in the middle of a bad, New England winter. I want good food to eat, especially since there are so many things I can’t eat at all. I want good quality appliances, but they don’t have to be the best or fanciest. All they have to be is up to the tasks for which I need them.

Although I don’t consider it a luxury, I’m willing to pay for the best computer I can stretch my money to afford. I want the best video card, the most V-RAM. A fast CPU, a huge (dependable) hard drive and a very high-definition monitor. I want all of it to fit into a five-pound package.

Cameras, too. Although none of my equipment is currently top of the line, much of it was when it was new. I have every lens I might need and a few I really don’t need, but enjoy having anyway. Since I don’t make money from photography and have no plans to make it pay, I guess you could say all my lovely camera equipment is a luxury. I wouldn’t argue the point.


Our ultimate luxury and the only one I think I can’t live without? Our bed. Every night, when we settle in for however many hours of peace we can steal from a crazy world, I am grateful for that bed.

Life is hard, but our bed is soft.


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  1. Your title is perfect. 😁 I’m with you on the notion of luxuries. I just need things that work as they should. I’d rather be able to travel and do other things than have the best of everything. That’s also a destructive cycle, because then I feel the need to keep up with the proverbial Joneses.

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  2. Yes, Life is Hard & Soft both. a great combination of Happiness & Sorrow.


  3. Although my bed is only about a year old, I don’t count it as a luxury because I don’t sleep well at night. But, this summer I count electricity as a luxury so my central air and ceiling fans keep me cool. 🙂


    • I turned up the A/C to a liveable level, even though National Grid feels we should all live in sweat boxes. Bet THEY aren’t living with their A/C turned to 80 in this pressure cooker of a summer. And I bet they don’t have heart conditions and/or asthma.

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  4. Generally speaking, the more “luxurious” an item is, the more likely I am to not want it. Luxury cars look ugly. Jewelry is tacky and a waste of money. Caviar? Uhhhh, no thanks. That said, I guess I wouldn’t mind some hired help to do things around the house while I sit and do nothing all day…


    • Money or people to fix all the broken stuff doesn’t sound like luxury. It sounds like a life preserver. Of course, right now, a working clothes dryer — in any condition as long as it will dry clothing — would be a life preserver, too.


  5. My one luxury that I say thanks for every time I use it is my washing machine. I get a great deal of satisfaction pressing the button to start. I still remember wash day. My mother was tied up with it all day. I hated it.


  6. So would you describe yourself as a minimalist except for the essentials ?


  7. I never knew what I was missing until I switched my old (at least second-hand) metal framed single bed for a nice new double bed a few months ago. Mmm 🙂


  8. nothing like the comfort of a good bed


  9. we lived here for at least 8-10 years with no running water and no indoor plumbing. Ill tell you, water that comes out of the tap or flushes the toilet now is not taken for granted, even thirty years later. LIving that way for so long, makes you continually grateful for what most people take as a right and not a privilege.

    What is interesting, when the water pump went insane two winters ago, and the system had to be turned off, I knew exactly where the well pails were, and managed to get a path shoveled to the old well, and a knotted rope made, in less than an hour. Muscle memory rocks. =)

    My idea of luxury is a new CD or a shipment of Legos, lol. (it takes so little)


    • Our well is 500 feet deep, so the old bucket doesn’t quite do the job at this point. When the well went dry the summer before last, it was a scary time. For months, we barely had water at all … and it wasn’t fit to drink. Now, I’m so paranoid about water, we monitor water usage as if each drop might be the last. Which is exactly how I feel about it. Especially given the extremely dry summer we are having.


  10. I agree with you, mostly – except that on the very rare occasions that I travel, I want the very best hotel that I can afford. When you only stay in a hotel once every few years, luxury does count. Other than that, I live pretty basically – the only things I tend to splurge on are videogames (about $10 a month) and good bottled water (also about $10 a month). Oh, and I do pay for the carwash membership where I can get unlimited car washes for less than $20 a month, although that may be cancelled if I find my take-home pay from my new job doesn’t justify it.

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    • I want clean and comfortable with free WiFi. Any other facilities are not so important. We aren’t going to use them anyway. Every once in a huge while, we splurge on a fancier place to stay, but usually, we find a comfortable middle ground.

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  11. We all have our own ideas of luxuries, but no, they are not luxuries, A result of what we have worked for all our lives, what we deserve, and what we are lucky enough to afford. My money also goes mainly on computers and cameras and living in comfort. And now to order my macro lens for my camera which I have wanted to do for at least a month. 🙂


  12. the order of priorities

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  13. Life is so much more doable with a comfortable bed, isn’t it. I also need a very soft pillow to remain human. Otherwise I share your lack of enthusiasm for what are deemed luxuries. Life is the biggest luxury after all. And there’s still so much to find out about it. While living in East Africa I also learned that having clean water that comes out of a tap in my house was a very huge luxury. Ditto flush loos. As ever, a thoughtful, thought-provoking post.

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    • I agree. It’s also why I wish more “first world” kids would not only visit another country and culture, but live there. Work there. It’s an eye-opener to realize stuff even relatively poor Americans or Brits see as “normal” are the height of luxury in other areas of the world — like clean drinking water, enough food to eat, and a non-leaking roof are big ones. And indoor plumbing. Only one year without it and I no longer day-dreamed about Caribbean beaches. I dreams of heated showers and not having to put on an overcoat to go to the toilet.

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  14. Outstanding photo.

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