I went to see my doctor yesterday. We are new to one another and we needed a pow-wow. The last time I was there, I handed him a box with about 10 pounds of paper medical records in it. I think, page for page, it’s up there with “War and Peace,” but probably not nearly as entertaining.

We got a lot of stuff worked out. I got the prescriptions I need, we talked.

I had a headache. I had it while I was there and it got worse when I got home. By the middle of the afternoon, my stomach was doing flip-flops and my head was pounding. I felt … sick. How could that be? I just came home from the doctor.

insane doctor cartoon

This morning, Garry work up, elbowed me in the ribs, told me he felt awful. Then he rolled over and went back to sleep. That was his secret coded language for “Reschedule my dentist appointment and make my excuses … and don’t wake me up until dinner, and maybe not even then.”

I rescheduled the dentist, came out to give the dogs their totally undeserved treats and fresh water. Since I was up anyway, I did whatever needed doing. How did this morph from me not feeling well, to Garry not feeling well? Is today’s pounding headache yesterday’s headache reborn with the morning?

By the time I sat down with the laptop, an English muffin with ginger preserves, and my big cup of coffee, I noticed I still don’t feel well. This totally sucks because we are going to visit friends for the rest of the week and I would prefer not feeling like something the dogs dragged in.

Dinosaur dr checkupSo I was at the doctor. How come I didn’t realize I was sick until I got home? Why now when we’re finally set to do something we actually want to do?

Don’t you hate when this happens?

This joke is definitely on me.


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  1. Doctor’s offices and mechanics are the same for me. If there isn’t an issue when I go… there is definitely one after I leave. =\


  2. Hope you both are feeling better or at least well enough to enjoy your time with friends!


  3. I’ve been lucky. We didn’t get sick until we were leaving Punta Cana. – then we were sick for quire a while – over 2 weeks. In Halifax, we were sun burned and dead tired after 2 days, but it rained on the third day. So God and the rest of us just … rested. Seemed to be planned out for us?
    But it’s getting tougher all the time.


    • That’s because we’re all getting older, so everything takes longer, including getting well. We’ll get there. I do wish this could have happened a week ago – or a week later. Either would have been better. Oh well.


  4. I feel your pain, but I hope you feel better soon. Feelings sick on top of chronic pain truly sucks.


    • Yeah, it does. On the up side — if you could call it that — is it puts things in perspective. I didn’t feel great before, but I feel so much worse now, “before” seems fine. Never even think for a moment “things can’t get worse.” They can. They will. They always do. Fortunately, they get better again. Eventually.


  5. Sorry the novel has an ending. Your notes are never ending. Especially when you feel sick just after being with your doctor. Take care both of you


    • Except now that they don’t put records on paper, it’s actually harder to get hold of records. I look at Delta’s huge, catastrophic computer failure and I figure that’s the leading edge of the future. We could lose everything. At the same time.


  6. I think your medical notes probably out last War and Peace. At least the novel


  7. Loved it.

    Anything that makes us laugh is a good thing.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you are feeling better.


  8. Sorry. Hope you both rebound, and quickly.


  9. Reblogged this on Covert Novelist and commented:
    One more reason to smile, not at you, but with you! 🙂


  10. I laughed, maybe not out loud, but I laughed. Not at you, but with you, hopefully. Because there have been countless occasions that has happened to me. If you weren’t sick going in, you inevitably will be soon after! Couldn’t resist that one. Thank you for sharing because although you may not be well, it was funny. Take care, hope your feeling better soon.


  11. That’s where the sick people go – to the doctor. Must have been some bug you picked up if not there somewhere else. Yes I do hate it when that happens.
    Take it easy until you feel better..

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  12. Get well soon, and continue writing! 🙂


  13. Oh that’s rotten. I’ve had a terrible summer for being ill too… Hope you’re well soon. 🙂


  14. Get Well soon, it might just be passing through. Most stuff does pass through, you just have to hope that it goes somewhere and does not return. I have begun to make a list before I see the doctor as when I am there, I forget most of the stuff I wanted to tell him. Is it an age thing, or just no wanting to waste the doc’s time with small talk?

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    • I think both. We don’t get a lot of time, and sometimes, even talking FAST, I don’t get to all of it. And that’s only what I remember. There’s always stuff I forgot. Usually more forgotten then remembered.


    • Mrs. Swiss, it may be both. Today, we very much want to visit our old friends who live about 3 hours or less away. But we’re still feeling miserable. We’re hoping morning coffee will help us. So frustrating!


  15. Aw, hope you and Garry both feel better soon. Usually, I make a doctor’s appointment because I’m sick and by the time I actually get there, I’m not sick any more.

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  16. Sorry, I didn’t think my feeling sick trumps (HATE that word!) you not feeling well. Maybe it’s in the air. Maybe it’s the dogs’ fault. I REALLY wanted to see that Doctor today to deal with my gums issue.
    Hopefully, we’ll be right as rain tomorrow for our visit with old pals.

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