Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Any Seating including Tables and Chairs


If we stay up too late, the dogs get annoyed. We are sitting on their bed. Or, more to the point, Bonnie’s bed. Gibbs prefers the big sofa in front of the window. They allow us to use our upholstered furnishing to a point, but when it gets late, we are expected to gracefully retire leaving them to get a good night’s sleep to add to their long afternoon and morning naps.

Bonnie and Gibbs need a lot of rest. Begging for treats, eating, and occasionally going outside for a good, hearty bark is exhausting!


Garry feels he ought to have a few rights, like using the loveseat and his laptop.


Stuff — especially camera equipment and reading matter — tends to spill onto all available surfaces. Also, anything that I prefer the dogs not drag outside. Particularly, my shoes and sandals. Maybe it’s unreasonable, but I don’t think the tooth marks add to sartorial elegance.


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  1. The dogs rule!


  2. Hi Garry, he always looks great in photos. 😀 Wonderful entry for this week.

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  3. Lucky for me, most of my cats’ favorite places to sleep are not places where I will normally find myself…. like wrapped up in the curtain, on the shelf under the TV, on top of the box I keep my popcorn maker in, on top of the deep freeze, under the bed (it’s apparently cooler under the bed than on the bed during the summer)…

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  4. HAHA, where we live? The dog’s house. xoxo

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  5. Cindy nags if I sit up too late but that is because she wants us to go and sleep on my bed.

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