Share Your World – 2016 Week 32

If you could have an endless supply of any food, what would it be?


Crystallized ginger. I don’t know if you would classify it as a food or as candy, but I never let myself run out of it. It’s also the only food of which I never tire.

What is the worst thing you ate most recently?

I made a chicken dish that did not turn out well. I ate it anyway. It keeps me humble.

Are you comfortable doing nothing? For long stretches of time?

I am pretty much always mentally busy. Reading, working on photos, writing, rewriting. I don’t think I know how to do nothing. I may be physically inactive, but my brain is engaged, even when I really wish it would shut up.

List some of the jobs you think you might enjoy, even if you aren’t thinking about a career change. 

I wanted to be a spy and work for the CIA. They have a very cool website that includes job opportunities of all kinds, plus stories of people who’ve worked there, codes and ciphers they’ve cracked. Really a great website to just cruise and learn stuff. This may be one of the only government agencies that never seems to have a hiring freeze, although I’ve never applied for a job. Just dreamed about it.

CIA headline

Not only does the work sound interesting, but they also have the best benefits package I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, they require that you speak at least three languages fluently, one of needs to be Asian as well as Russian or German, and more. I’m not good with languages.

96-CIA-Job listing-080616_06

And then, there’s the physically fit part. I am so unfit, it’s almost funny. I couldn’t have met their physical qualifications when I was in my prime, much less today. But  … it makes a great day-dream.

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  1. Hmmmmm… so the CIA lists the qualifications it seeks in an employee on its website. Great! Now our enemies know to be suspicious of people who are physically fit and speak three languages. Or maybe that’s what they want them to think, and the CIA actually only hires fat slobs who can’t even conjugate a verb correctly. Brilliant!


    • I have no idea if there is a “type.” The known two people who were CIA. One was retired when we knew him. He had a medical degree, spoke I don’t know how many languages, and was sharp as a tack. Very secretive and very cautious with words. I had another friend who was more or less drafted by them. They were after him for his … well … genius. They sent him to language school. He didn’t even have a B.A., much less an advanced degree, but he was a super-geek (before the term was invented) and long before home computers.

      Far as I can tell, the C.I.A. hires/drafts people they think have some special something (technical/scientific, mostly) they can use. I suspect, like all job advertisements, they post general guidelines, but hire individuals for specific skill sets or potentials. I wish I’d at least tried for an interview, just so I could say I gave it a shot 🙂


  2. I checked the website out Marilyn but didn’t see any mention of a jingle writer.
    As for the food – I have an excellent recipe for ginger shortbread. It is one of the nicest cookies – crispy and then there’s that zing with the ginger.
    For the next question – I’m official called a “busy body” . I do have moments of goofing off.


  3. I almost went to work for the CIA in their offices in LA. Getting secret service clearance was a trip. I was actually given a start date, but someone in the administrative office forgot to file a form and I didn’t get the job after all. That would have given me a whole different life.


  4. I speak four languages, but being physically active doesn’t work for me haha


  5. Oh yes, the CIA sounds like a very interesting job opportunity! Isn’t it fun to dream though? Heheh 😛 I want to be a private investigator please!


  6. Another parallel in our great minds. I would have love to have joined MI6, but I probably belonged to the wrong class of people in England at the time. I did visit the local police station (you have to start somewhere) and spoke to one of the female police officers about what I have to do to join and almost joined, were it not for the fact that I took the job in Switzerland instead. I am sure we could have been great assets to our nations in the fight again the third column.


  7. Job adverts always require more than they’ll accept. I bet for the three languages you could get away with English, American English and Klingon 🙂


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