Every photographer has to take a few pictures of the moon. I’m no exception. Of course, because the moon does not rotate on her axis and shows us only one face, most moon shots look much the same.


Those few times when I have been able to shoot the through trees in the woods, I got something a little different.


28 thoughts on “MOON OVER

  1. Some great mysterious photos here! Thanks for sharing. I have a poetry blog here on WordPress and today’s poem is about the moon in case you have time to look? Lunar greetings! Sam 🙂


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  3. Those are some great moon shots! I think my lone lunar photo was taken last Christmas when the full moon peeked through the narrow opening in my blinds and I just happened to look out at just the right time. I did do my best to videotape a lunar eclipse back in 1993…


    • If you have an even moderately long lens, it’s really easy to get a picture of the moon. Just aim and shoot. The auto-focus in the camera does the rest 🙂 Those artsy shots were entirely accidental. The leaves just got in the way of the moon. Twigs and leaves.


  4. Got some nice shots there. I never bothered very much up to now, but I should try a little harder when doing it. At the moment we have rain and thunder and I do not think that the sky will be clear enough for a good shot this evening.


    • It’s pretty easy. Anything more than a half moon and a clear sky and a moderately long lens? The more interesting pictures are the ones that I’ve taken through the trees. Otherwise, pretty easy stuff. I was surprised it was so easy.


  5. Gorgeous! I was just out last night taking pictures of the full moon…sadly they all just look like the neighbor’s porch light up the hill…so I will enjoy yours. Thank you!


  6. Mesmerizing Moon. Fabulous shots of Moon. Which were the creatures over the moon or not any creatures only leaves (Fourth from the last photo)?


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