Black & White Sunday: Composition


These two pictures, neither of which is new, are my favorites. The composition on both was intentional. I was trying for exactly what I got — a rarity for me. It’s common for pictures to come out better than I expected. Even more often, they come out different than what I intended — for better or worse.

In both of these shots, I wanted what I got and got what I wanted. The magic worked.


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  1. Both great photos. I do love the lines in the second image and of course the first image is stunning too.


    • Thanks 🙂 It really IS special when things come out the way you planned. The only real problem I had was that it was difficult to get the wires to show clearly against the sky.


  2. They are perfect in black and white- and wonderful images. The endless sky with clouds and mountains and the telephone poles wires seemingly going on forever. So great


    • Thanks. It was what I wanted, so for me, it’s a little triumph 🙂 One thing and another, this hasn’t been a great photographic summer. I hope I can fix that before the snow flies.


  3. Both very fine compositions, but the immensity of space conveyed by the power lines looping their way to the mountain ranges is mesmeric.


    • I had to walk about half a mile to get underneath the wires to get that effect. It is probably the longest walk I’ve taken in years, so I’m glad I got the shot. I kept trying for the shot along the way, but I finally realized I had to be UNDER them. And that meant a hike 🙂

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  4. Doesn’t it feel good when it happens! You know that I love the lines in the second one, but this is the first time I see two chairs watching the valley and the rolling hills. Pure magic, Marilyn. I’m honoured to have your entry 🙂


  5. I love the two chairs. Peter took a picture of two chairs in the summer on our deck and the same two chairs in the winter with the snow on them. Your photo reminds me of them. The black and white gives them the feel that they are lost somewhere in time.



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