Leaving the yard, the long curve of the tracks ahead, then out into the countryside. Traveling by train through the Blackstone Valley, a rare view, almost forgotten.

Photos by Owen Kraus

See the rest of the photos: Leaving the Yard — Owen Kraus

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  1. They look like oil tankers, Marilyn. I hope nothing bad happens like it did here in Canada.


    • This tiny train travels a very short route through our swamps at less than 5 mph and I suspect those tanks are empty. We don’t have any factories or mills anymore. They are all gone long since. By the late 1920s, the entire industry had gone south … and since then, moved on to India.

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      • Our train system seems to be complete devoted to the transport of oil now. The farmers couldn’t even get their grain to market. They used to use the trains for that. Now that the price of oil is down they will probably be able to use the trains once more


  2. what is it about trains that so draws us, makes us count the cars, wave at the conductors, or wake in the middle of the night to hear that long sad whistle…what an elegant shot this is


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