List 2 things you have to be happy about.

It’s the end of the month and we aren’t completely out of money.

It’s not (quite) as hot as it was last week. Or the week before.

If you could take a photograph, paint a picture or write a story of any place in the world, what and where would it be?

I can’t comment on places I’ve never been or am unlikely to ever be. How do I know how I’d feel about it if I haven’t been there?


So, from among the place I have been, I would love to go back to Jerusalem with a camera. When I lived there, I didn’t have a camera most of the time. I’m so sorry to not have pictures from those years.

This is notable largely for being unprocessed.

Of the places I have been with a camera, Arizona wins, hands down. Desert. Mountains. Cactus. Landscapes from every western I’ve ever watched. What’s not to love?


In the meantime, I’m pretty happy taking pictures right here. Home or nearby. We have some lovely scenery.

Should children be seen and not heard?

I firmly believe no one who has had children could ask that without laughing hysterically. As if we actually have something to say in the matter! Hah!

List at least five of your favorite first names.

When I was a romantic teenager, I wanted to be called Delores. I thought anyone who had that name had to be beautiful.

Otherwise, just call me Maggie. I don’t actually have another three favorites. I’m okay with almost any name that isn’t obviously awful. I have trouble understanding parents who give their children dreadful names sure to get them teased in school. What are mom and dad thinking?

A final thought. Name your child something easy to spell — without a crib sheet. An entire lifetime of no one spelling your name right is exhausting.

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  1. Yap, we can’t see it all, the best thing is to enjoy what’s at our reach. I love your Arizona, and your name.


    • Thank you Paula. I really believe the American southwest is one of the most photogenic areas on this earth. We wanted to get up to Utah, but it was just too long a drive and it was the middle of winter with snow up that high, so we stayed closer to Phoenix where the weather was better.

      I love Arizona. I hope we get back one more time, maybe in the spring if I can come up with some money to buy plane tickets. I would love to get back to the Grand Canyon with better camera equipment! Last time, I didn’t have the right lenses. Or camera.

      I hated my name for a long time, but I’ve come to rather like it more recently. Until High School, I didn’t know a soul who shared my name and people made fun of it. But in adulthood, I met a few truly fabulous women with the same name and suddenly, it was okay 🙂


      • People are stupid most of the times. Don’t take me wrong, but I really dislike the name you prefer “Maggie”, but what do I know – I am a foreigner though obsessed with languages and sounds. Marilyn, I hope you’ll get to go there one more time with right equipment. I can understand the frustration of not getting the photo you intended to.


        • Maggie (short for Margaret) has been my “alter ego” name as long as I’ve been writing. I like it because it’s simple. It doesn’t carry a lot of baggage. Easy to pronounce, easy to spell. I have an overall distaste for “fancy names.” For fashionable names. I like old fashioned names and traditional names. Mostly, I like simple.


  2. I’m with you on names for babies. Growing up I was the only one with the name Raewyn. All the spellings I got. Now it is a lot more common. I do feel sorry for those children named Apple or North to name a couple. Those poor children.


  3. – It’s the end of August and the Red Sox are still in the pennant race.
    – September is just ’round the corner and it’s still summa time and the living is easy.

    – Silent children? Surely, you jest. That’s like “Silence, you Scotties’. Good luck!

    – Names: Garry (Hey, I like it!), Shane (I actually know a real one), Dirk, Wyatt, Zane.
    – Kid’s name: Boo


  4. Loved the sunset shot, the whole photo series actually.


  5. As much as it’s been tradition since the first caveman was born, it’s also not the best idea to name sons after their fathers. My Dad’s poor credit damn near kept me from buying my house because a lot of his credit issues popped up when they searched my record… and though they weren’t attributed to me directly, the similar names raised red flags. I also resent the fact that I got stuck as “Billy” because my Dad was called Bill…. I’m still called Billy by family in my 40’s!


    • Oh, I know. There is an unrelated Garry Armstrong living in Boston with whom Garry’s records were frequently confused … and this guy (thank dog!) isn’t family, just the same name and approximately the same age. For a while, though he also lived in the same neighborhood. And he was a nasty piece of work. Garry’s brother Bill is still called Billy and yes, he’s the one named after his dad.

      In my family, we only name after dead relatives and I’m named after some obscure aunt no one remembers, but she left her name behind. It could have been much, much worse.


  6. My name is Lois….yet I get papers addressed to Rose, Louis, Louise……Come on, people–there are only 4 letters in my name! Lois Lane wasn’t called Louis!


  7. I am not sure about the hysterical laugh, I am just glad that children do grow up eventually, although little kids little problems, big kids —– yes, we know the rest. August has gone very quickly, too quickly. Do you notice as you get older time no longer passes, it does the final laps in mega speed.


  8. Had to laugh at your comment about quiet children, it’s so true. Also your comment about easy to spell names……..mmmmm we tried that my eldest daughter’s name is an old Irish word Caeleigh……too hard for a littly………so we changed it to KALI (pronounced kaylee) no one in her 25 years can say it correctly, spell it sure, but pronounce it? NOPE..poor kid we should have left it difficult lol


  9. Love that first shot!


  10. Spelling of babies names seems to be only limited by the imagination of the parent these days but it is a good rule, like the one about naming dogs something that you can easily yell if you need to get its attention quickly.


    • My first husband wanted to name our son “Llewellyn.” I asked him why he hated a kid he’d never met. He didn’t get it. But we settled for Owen which was Celtic enough for him. And remarkably, the kid actually likes his name. Now, 47 years later, it’s a popular name, but for all the intervening years, he was always the ONLY Owen.

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