Divot was a Norwich Terrier, the smallest of the working terriers. Eleven inches at the shoulder, she never even considered the possibility that she might not be the toughest dog on the block.



Her biggest problem in her long life, was that people didn’t take her seriously. She would bark ferociously at the UPS and FedEx guys, but rather than quaking with fear, they would smile at her and dig a biscuit out of a pocket.

Finally, we had a private conversation with the UPS guy who was obviously a dog-lover.

“Please,” I asked him, “Act scared when she barks. She wants to be fierce. It’s not her fault that she’s small, furry, and cute.”

And so, from thence forward, he would quake with fear when Divot barked. In return, she would lick him ferociously.

Divot was fierce. Absolutely terrifying. Just ask the UPS guy.


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  1. So cute! Shared on my blog.


  2. Lols, what a very cute story! By the way – if you’re looking for dog toys please checkout

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  3. She wants to be fierce. 🙂 Thanks for your story.

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  4. Such a sweet story Marilyn.


  5. I love those stories, Marilyn.


  6. And a wise UPS man too. What a great story.

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  7. You are perfect in canine psychology. I am sure she was the happiest most ferocious dog on the block afterwards.



  1. SMALL, FURRY, AND FIERCE — SERENDIPITY – the pup in apartment 3

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