This has not been a great year for the fuchsias. Too hot. First, the caterpillars stripped the trees, so the fuchsias got too much sun at the beginning of the season when they should be setting buds.


So, we got some flowers … but not as much as usual. Lots more brown leaves and withered buds. Still, we had some flowers. The season’s almost over. A few pictures to remember the season.





There will be a few more flowers. Maybe I’ll take a few more pictures, too. I’ll let you know.


11 thoughts on “FUCHSIAS AS AUGUST ENDS”

        1. Well, we are getting some rain today. Not enough, but much better than another hot sunny day. With all the hurrican activity, there’s a chance we are going to be blessed by a LOT more rain. I hope we get it in such a way that the ground can absorb it.


  1. We had a great year for flowers this year. Even the gardener remarked on the size of my hosta leaves which were bigger than the plates on my dinner table. There were almost no slugs, plenty of butterflies and even the ants stayed away (after I destroyed a nest or two). The fuchsias survived, that is the main thing. We can only have them in summer here, it is too cold in Winter. In England they can keep them through the Winter in South, They just cover them with mulch and protect them if there is snow.


    1. They are summertime flowers here too and regardless, they would be dying now. I’m going to get some mums for the deck. On a good year, they will flower until the snow finally kills them.

      It’s too cold up here to winter many plants. Even flowers that are perennials in other places won’t survive the winter here. It can be brutal. We have the occasional mild winter, but mostly, they are rough.


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