Mundane Monday Challenge #74 : Learn Photography

The week slipped right by me. Usually, I at least know what was going on, but nothing much has been going on. It’s been hot, sunny, quiet. Nothing special. No big events. Not even any small events.

So I have no excuse for being late except that the notification got buried down in the bottom of my inbox. At least I didn’t get frustrated with all the email I’ll never get to and delete everything. Sometimes, I just look at all that email and I know for sure I’ll never get through it because before I get to the earlier stuff, there’s be several hundred more items.


Garry had been watering the fuchsia. It’s the only thing we continue to water. We’re on extreme water restrictions because of the drought. There was a bit of water left in the can when he was done with the flowers, so he poured it on the glass table. It keeps it from getting completely filthy.


I liked the way the light shines through it and the colors are reflected in its surface. These pictures are the result. It’s a wet glass table with its white iron frame showing through.


    1. Thanks. It’s the ripple glass. It is particularly pretty when its wet … which is what inspired me. And drizzling today, so maybe later the clouds will get more serious. This is better than nothing, but not enough. You know what I mean. Kind of a “tease.” It looks like rain. Sort of rains a little, but then it goes away.


      1. It’s crazy — we’re back to a sort of June gloom — foggy or overcast in the mornings (marine layer), burning off by noon to a hot afternoon! A real tease, but no real moisture.


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