Yes, folks, it’s that annoying guy from Madison Avenue’s dark past. You hoped he was gone forever and forgotten. It’s SPEEDY ALKA SELTZER and he’s singing the song!

If you are my age, give or take a decade, this should bring back a few weird memories.

Where oh where did Speedy go? Maybe he’ll be back. You never know with advertising.


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  1. Certainly a fixture of my early years when we got just three channels on our TV that had a 9 inch screen and used vacuum tubes that we tested and purchased at the grocery store.


  2. He’s probably on METV at 3 am.


  3. Ah yes. I think I thought he was cute as a kid. No idea what he was relieving thought…


  4. I remember it.


  5. Two great minds – One single thought – Back to the writing board!
    Thanks for sharing.

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  6. Talk abut a blast from the past! (this little guy is so cute, huh?) Those ‘ad’ days are behind me, but not the occasional need for the product.)
    Jen(nifer) Lewis


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