Pool Party!

The rain is falling and summer drawing to an end, so we need this! Who doesn’t need a lovely, post-Labor Day pool party. One last big dip before the leaves turn all strange colors?

Thanks Bill! Especially today more than ever, I needed this!!

Evil Squirrel's Nest

pool party

It’s time for your Tuesday requested drawing, and this one comes from Marilyn who wanted to see my critters having a party by the pool.  Hey, don’t listen to those asswipes draw me a picturewho tell you that summer ends on Labor Day.  There’s still two more weeks of the season from hell to go, and with heat indices expected to go over 100 today and tomorrow, it sure as hell doesn’t feel like Autumn.  So don’t put that swimwear in storage just yet…… except for you, Buster.  That mankini…. it’s scaring all the guests.  Even that Peeping Marshall peering over the fence at my half nekkid critters…

My inbox hasn’t exactly been blowing up with Draw Me A Picture ideas since I started this project a couple weeks ago, so please…. keep this feature from only running a few weeks and submit any and all ideas you might have by going here

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