I have to dive into WordPress and see why I’m not getting Paula’s notifications. Fortunately, I saw someone else’s post and it wasn’t too late!

Downtown city night

Downtown city night

I love shooting at night. These are both taken in Boston, at night. I wish we got into town at night more often. Next time will be next month – October – for another concert. Same theater district. But hopefully, new views.

Schubert Theater boston night

Thursday’s Special: Nocturnal



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    • Thanks! The ghost-like passers-by was the first time I managed to get that effect. Talk about black and white, it’s an effect that works much better in monochrome 🙂 I’ve done that picture in several ways, but I think I like the b&W versions best.

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    • Night shooting in Boston is also fun, with or without a pub crawl. Getting around Boston is hard because traffic never gets better, only worse. But since most concerts are held on Sunday evening, it’s the easiest time to get there, so it usually works out well if we get there a little early so I can shoot before the show. I wish we could afford more concerts, but we’ve got an awfully tight budget.

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      • Marilyn, we got caught in a traffic jam in Boston many years ago. Peter was so frustrated that he turned the motor off and everyone had to drive around us.


        • It can be really awful. It was worst during the Big Dig. That’s when we gave up and left Boston. As I suspected would happen, the changes to the roads in Boston only helped a little bit. The basic problem is simply too many cars, not enough roads or parking and that’s not going to go away. Not in any of the older cities.

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