I forget birthdays and other occasions. Not just other people’s birthdays. I have been known to miss my own and only realize a few days later that it had passed. Oops. Usually, I remember our anniversary. Last year was our 25th and it being one of those milestone years, we were both aware of it.

Unlike this year.

I have our anniversary marked in our shared Google calendar so that I get a notification a day in advance. So when an email showed up saying “Happy Anniversary Marilyn & Garry,” I said “Oh.”




I knew yesterday was the fourteenth thus making today the fifteenth. I knew our anniversary is the fifteenth of September … yet somehow, I didn’t connect the dots. The pieces of information lived in my brain, separately. Until I saw the email.

“Garry,” I said. “It’s our anniversary tomorrow.”

He got that look that husbands get when they figure they have just made some terrible mistake, a combination of guilt and fear.

“I only realized it now because it popped up in my email,” I said. “I put it in our calendar. You would have seen it when you turned on your computer.”

“I thought I’d really blown it.”

“Well, you weren’t alone. We both blew it.”

“I remembered last year,” he pointed out.

“I know.” I thought awhile. “We don’t have any money, but we could go out for dinner if we put it on a credit card. If you’d like.” I was thinking how glad I was that I had bought him his gift a while ago and being me, already given it to him. I’m such a child about gifts. I can’t wait. I have to give them immediately.

So today is our anniversary. Yay. Another year. We are both hitting milestone birthdays in the spring, so I doubt we’ll forget them.

With a little luck, the chrysanthemums will bloom tomorrow. I’m pretty sure they, at least, will remember the day.



  1. Happy anniversary and many more to come. Being a professional at this anniversary stuff, it took me at least 20 years to programme it into the Mr. Swiss daily life. Of course he knew it snowed when we married, of course he knew it was some time in February, but the of course stuff had its limits. Now I am beginning to forget. But perhaps he has now put it in his iPhone, that is why he never forgets. Why is it that men have problems with the important facts of life. A wedding anniversary is not an every day occurrence. The mums look great so enjoy the day, make the most of it as I am sure you will. I love happy anniversary blogs, they get me all sentimental.

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    1. Garry used to forget alone, but now we forget together. Fortunately, I programmed it into our shared Google calendar, or we might not have remembered until tomorrow.

      I think there’s a male gene (I know there’s X & Y, but I think this one is “Q”) that blocks the memory function for birthdays, anniversaries, and other events that involve gift giving and wrapping paper. It may be a genetic fear of wrapping paper and ribbons.

      No problem any more. I buy him something I know he would like and maybe even needs … then I buy ME something — like a lens or a new camera bag. Garry is better about Christmas and birthdays, though. He only forgot my birthday a few times very early one. After surviving that, he hasn’t forgotten since. Also, I put it in the calendar in BIG LETTERS. AND it comes up on Facebook 🙂

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      1. We also share a google calendar, but I never look at it. It was for me to know when Mr. Swiss is not at home, but he tells me in any case whe he goes somewhere. Christmas and birthdays were solved some years ago. We abolished Christmas presents as well as birthdays. We discovered Mr. Swiss had everything because he was always buying it for himself and I organised my own needs, so what was the point? Facebook is a great solution, I congratulate people I have never met, do not even really know very well, and all sorts of colleagues that I would probably no longer recognise if I happened to see them in town. Mr. Swiss cannot forget my birthday, it is not possible. It is 6th December which also happens to be a childrens celebration for Santa Clause day in many countries of Europe.


        1. We go shopping together for Christmas and we pick out our own presents. That way, we know we’re getting what we want and it will fit (Garry is very optimistic about my size). Sometimes, we don’t buy anything because we don’t need anything. I get Garry whatever he need when he needs it because he hates shopping anyway and I get what I need or want too. Most of our friends do the same thing, pretty much. We all got tired of presents that don’t fit, aren’t what we need, don’t like, have to pretend we like, etc. Garry is still a big card guy, though. He spends hours looking through all the cards in the store to find the perfect one, And he usually finds something pretty cool.

          We use our google calendar they way you use your phones. Actually, since our phone is also a google phone, we have the calendar on the phone, too. AND on the Kindles, computers, etc, so we usually can make appointments without double booking. Garry has learned to use it and having one shared calendar makes it simpler for both of us. We can also “share it to” anyone else. It sends me pop up messages on the computer, so I don’t have to remember to look at it. Which is good because I probably won’t remember.


    1. We did indeed go out for dinner, which was nice since we go out very rarely these days. I think if I hadn’t put it with reminders into my google calendar, we wouldn’t have noticed until next week 🙂 Yes, it does happen. And it’s not the end of the world.

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